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Appwrite has raised $27 million in Series A funding led by Tiger Global Management. The round also included Bessemer Venture Partners, Seedcamp, and Ibex Investors. With this funding, the startup plans to expand its global team. It will use the proceeds to build a new mobile and web application that allows users to quickly add new contacts to their contacts list.

Appwrite raises $27 million in Series A led by Tiger Global Management

Appwrite is a cloud-based writing service that recently raised $27 million in a series A round led by Tiger Global Management. The company has raised this money to accelerate product development and expand its team internationally. The company will also focus on marketing and engineering to make its cloud service a success in the market. It also plans to maintain its open source community.

Appwrite, based in Tel Aviv, provides an open source BaaS platform for mobile, web, and flutter applications. The funding round included Tiger Global Management as the lead investor, as well as Bessemer Venture Partners, Seedcamp, and Flybridge Capital Partners. The company plans to use this money to expand globally, with an emphasis on engineering and marketing. Appwrite also plans to expand its open source community.

The company has built a platform that allows developers to build and deploy applications quickly. The company offers a self-hosted chat solution, REST APIs, and a secure framework. Its software also includes multiple sign-in methods and a database for storing data. The team is also working on adding new features, such as real-time capabilities and native SDK for Android.

Another new company that raised funding is StackBlitz, a four-year-old fintech that makes web applications more powerful. The company uses WebAssembly and WebContainers technology to enable software developers to create applications without leaving the browser. It has raised $7.9 million in seed funding and has since joined forces with Greylock and GV.

Appwrite’s cloud services offer a number of advantages over traditional cloud providers. It’s open source and self-hosted, which means that users don’t have to worry about a proprietary ecosystem. Its developers can customize the platform based on their needs. However, some companies may opt to outsource the setup process to a service provider. Either way, Appwrite is committed to making the self-hosted solution as good as possible for customers.

Lastly, Clarify Health, a 6.5-year-old San Francisco-based company that provides software for medical records, raised $73 million in Series D funding led by SoftBank and Warburg Pincus. It has raised more than $115 million in total, including the Series A and Series B rounds.

Appwrite plans to expand its global team

Using the latest funding round to expand its global team, Appwrite plans to continue expanding its open source ecosystem and product development. The company will focus on engineering and marketing while furthering its mission to create an open source platform that developers can trust. It has recently added native Android SDKs and real-time capabilities to its offerings.

Appwrite’s goal is to make building secure applications faster and easier than ever. Its platform provides an abstraction layer over traditional cloud vendors, enabling developers to focus on their products and innovations, as opposed to managing the infrastructure behind their cloud applications. Appwrite also provides a platform that enables rapid app development by avoiding the hassle of mixing and matching multiple solutions. Its platform can also be used to build web applications with a variety of database engines and integrations.

Appwrite’s Series A round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners

Appwrite has raised a series A round led by Tiger Global Management, as well as angel investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Flybridge Capital, Ibex Investors, and Seedcamp. The company is expanding its product line and team globally. The company focuses on building a community-based platform for citizen developers.

Appwrite is an open-source software platform that empowers developers to write code in any programming language. The company focuses on security, simplicity, and performance and has raised $10 million in seed funding. The company has also secured more than 250 code contributors from around the world.

Appwrite is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in London and New York. It has clients that include BetMGM, Dollar Shave Club, Papa John’s, the Pennsylvania Lottery, Staples, and Varsity Tutors. The company raised $10 million in seed funding from Bessemer Venture Partners and Seedcamp. The company plans to use the new funding to expand globally, focus on engineering, and advance its cloud product for the market.

The company’s Founder, Andrew Fux, has been programming with open source software since he was a young boy. His passion for the software development industry led him to build an open platform that would simplify the development process. The platform provides a common API for developers to write code and streamline their workflows. The unified functionality of the platform allows developers to focus on building their products. In addition, the platform is open source, which allows developers to share their work with others.

Appwrite is an end-to-end platform for building and deploying any kind of application. The platform offers REST APIs for developers, realtime database, cloud functions, geo-localization APIs, and a fully featured dashboard with various access controls. Its platform is also self-hosted, which means developers can host the service on any infrastructure they choose.

The company also offers a self-hosted REST API and is one of the fastest growing open source platforms on GitHub. Its developer community has grown to more than 150,000 developers and 550 maintainers around the world. The company is constantly adding new features and improving its services.

After raising a seed round, the company has raised another round of funding. This time, it raised $30m in its Series A round. The money is being used to expand its sales and marketing efforts, as well as to meet demand for the product. In addition to its product, the startup plans to make the platform open to more users.

Terms of the round

Appwrite is expanding its team and expanding globally with the latest round of funding. The company plans to focus on marketing and engineering, while also continuing to build an open source platform. Its new funding will support its mission of empowering citizen developers to build great software.


Developed by developers and backed by a team of developers, Appwrite provides an open source back-end server that streamlines the creation of complex applications. The platform can run on any infrastructure, including on-premises environments. The platform is the same on-premises as it is online, and the company is planning to launch its own cloud version in the near future.

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