Benefits Of at Songsking in 2016 Online

Whether you’re into funk, hip hop or r&b, you’ll be able to find songsking events in 2016 that you’re sure to enjoy. From French Montana to Black Terry Cat, you’ll be sure to find a concert you love.

French Montana

During his musical comeback, French Montana has been featured in a number of singles. One of them, titled “Paranoid,” is actually inspired by his brushes with death. And while he may not have been able to avoid the bullets that went through him, he did manage to make a mark on the rap industry. In fact, he has signed with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group and landed a deal with Bad Boy Records.

The first song to get a lot of airplay was French Montana’s “Pop That,” which featured a guest appearance from rapper Rick Ross. “Pop That” was a huge hit for French, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and being one of the top songs of 2012. The song was also a big hit in Canada, where it became one of the best-sellers of 2012.

The most important feat was the fact that French Montana signed with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group in 2012. This deal landed him a recording contract with Bad Boy Records, and also helped to secure his place in hip-hop history.

Westside Gunn

Having been caught up in the streets and the criminality that went along with it, Gunn had to find another outlet. He turned to rap, and the money was good. He’s released a series of mixtapes and four collaborative projects since 2012. His fan base is rabid and his fan-generated mixtapes have gone viral.

Gunn’s rapping is layered with gore, and his rhymes are packed with mafioso epics. His music is a reflection of his singular vision. The authenticity of Gunn’s music is the basis for his appeal.

Gunn grew up in Buffalo, New York. His mother was from Alabama, but moved to Buffalo as part of the Great Migration. Gunn spent his childhood in an impoverished neighborhood. The area was known for drug trafficking and violence.

Shy Glizzy

Considering that Shy Glizzy has been a mainstay on the DMV hip hop scene since early 2011, it’s not surprising that the Washington native has been racking up accolades like a true professional. Although he’s a big fish in the DC hip hop community, Glizzy has been able to make the jump to the big leagues thanks to the backing of an executive with the budgetary sway. Indeed, Glizzy’s latest album, The Best is a must listen, and his tour schedule is chock full of high profile shows. Thankfully, he’s been in good company, as both his cohorts and the fans have been equally supportive of his musical endeavors.


Using the “Move Your Teeth” song as a jumping off point, Leikeli47 has figured out a way to get her hair to sing along. The results are stunning. The track is a mix of synths, drums, and acoustic guitar, resulting in a truly unique sound.

The “Move Your Teeth” song is one of several tracks from Leikeli47’s debut album, Wash & Set, which is due out on September 8. The album is a mashup of rap, R&B, pop, and hip-hop, but the star of the show is a cover of the funkiest R&B record of all time, “Baby Got Back” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The track was produced by the renowned J Dilla and is the song to watch out for this fall. It also features one of the more exciting dance moves in hip-hop history, if you can stomach the lyrics.

Black Terry Cat

Xenia Rubinos is a multi-instrumentalist who has been described as a “multifaceted wonder”. She has worked with Marco Buccelli to produce her new album, Black Terry Cat. The album explores the complexities of being Afro-Latina and part of the African diaspora. It also features political songs. It is a sonic journey that is highly engaging. It is worth a listen, but there are some omissions that leave it feeling disjointed.

Black Terry Cat is a front-loaded affair that jumps between funk, contemporary R&B, Afrocentric styles, and hard rock. Rubinos’ vocal delivery is unconventional, but sweet and smooth. She’s often ahead of the shuffling drums. She uses her voice to shift between genres and styles, with a focus on lyrics that speak to socially conscious issues.


Her musical vision is a fiercely political one, melding unexpected with familiar. The album is accompanied by visualizers created by Rubinos and director Simon Benjamin, which mirror the album cover art.

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