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FundGuard Closes New Funding Round

Having raised over $16 million to date, FundGuard, a Silicon Valley-based SaaS investment management platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has announced the closing of a new financing round. The funds will be used to expand the company’s existing technology and launch new AI-powered investment management tools. The company will also use the proceeds to expand its operations, including the creation of new offices in Los Angeles and New York.

Investment management platform powered by AI


Using artificial intelligence, FundGuard is able to provide an enhanced investment accounting solution. It can also automatically resolve exceptions and perform portfolio validation checks. It can also generate actionable insights to improve investment performance. The AI-powered platform supports a range of asset classes, including mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments.


FundGuard is a SaaS-based investment management platform that uses artificial intelligence to perform portfolio validation checks, identify data mismatches, and resolve exceptions. It also allows fund administrators to add layers of oversight. Specifically, FundGuard helps fund administrators generate greater transparency and lower operating costs. It offers a fully automated solution that reduces costs and increases operational efficiency. The platform also supports crypto-asset services. It is also designed to support migration to the cloud, which helps companies cut costs and increase agility.


In addition to its AI capabilities, FundGuard also employs modern cloud technologies, including a multi-dimensional real-time design. The platform also features customizable thresholds for rules-based trading, and it provides detailed reviews of holdings, cash, and corporate actions. It can also perform investment news research and anomaly detection.

Disruption of legacy operating models


Despite the global fund management industry’s half a quadrillion dollars in assets, asset management technology has not evolved in more than three decades. Today, most asset managers rely on legacy systems, which often fail to provide the kind of real-time information that’s necessary to make better investment decisions. The first truly Cloud-based SaaS investment funds platform, FundGuard has emerged to change this.


FundGuard has raised $55 million in 3.5 years and is backed by Blumberg Capital, Citi and LionBird Ventures. The company recently announced the first of its kind investment accounting solution, a multi-asset class SaaS platform designed to improve the operational efficiency of fund administrators. It also supports AI-based insights and offers a rich suite of features. The system is designed to generate actionable insights and streamline workflows, allowing asset managers to make better decisions faster.


FundGuard also announced a new version of its SaaS solution that provides support for digital assets. Its technology enables new products and services, such as crypto-asset services, and promises to boost investment performance. The platform is also designed to improve operational efficiency, and offers a scalable solution for the countless number of assets that asset managers manage.

AI-powered software-as-a-service platform


Powered by artificial intelligence, FundGuard is a cloud-native investment fund operating platform that automates the fund administration process. FundGuard supports AI-based insights, operations automation, and digital transformation to help asset managers administer investments. It also provides real-time support for investors and fund managers. Using artificial intelligence, FundGuard detects data mismatches, anomalies, and fraud to provide actionable insights.


FundGuard is backed by Blumberg Capital, Team8 Capital, and LionBird Ventures. It was founded by Lior Yogev, former executive at Multifonds, which was sold to Temenos. He was a co-founder of BlueTail, which was acquired by Salesforce. He also served as a senior managing director at Guggenheim Capital. He is a former member of the management committee of State Street Corp.



FundGuard combines modern cloud technology with multi-dimension real-time design to help fund managers automate and streamline their workflows and investments. It provides customizable thresholds for rules-based trading and offers detailed reviews of cash, holdings, and corporate actions. Its algorithms perform portfolio validation checks, investment news research, and anomaly detection. It also automatically resolves exceptions.

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