How to Choose Water Pump For House

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a water pump for your house is the amount of water it needs to pump. A 2-story house requires a pump with a working pressure of about 7 kPa. On the other hand, a one-story house typically needs only 3.5 kPa.

The flow rate of a pump is important because it will determine its efficiency in pumping water over a specific amount of time. Flow rate is usually expressed in litres per minute (LPM) or cubic metres per hour (CFM). A high flow rate is best for industrial or agricultural use, while a lower flow rate is best for a household pump.

Another factor to consider when choosing a water pump for your house is the size of the house. A 2-story house, for example, would need a pump with a minimum of 100-200 watts. Also, a higher-wattage pump will ensure equal pressure throughout the house.

Once you know how much water your house will use, you can choose a household pump with a 70 LPM flow rate. For larger homes with more than one bathroom, you might need a pump with up to 6 combinations. If you have a garden and multiple taps, you may want to consider a pump with a higher flow rate of up to 90 LPM.

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