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Hammer and Hock Brewing Company is a new local brewery in Durham, NC that takes its name from their headquarters building. The company was founded by two friends, Michael “Horn” and Drew “Mac” Hammer, in response to a need for a local craft brewery in the U.S. That need has since grown into a global brand; they have been awarded four US distribution and marketing contracts so far and are now working on another three orders of magnitude. Their products have been distributed around the world and their beers are under contract with multiple major beer distributors. And while they aren’t releasing any details about their business plan or long-term strategy yet, we can tell you this: Their beers are fantastic! And if you like craft brews, but don’t want to go through the rattle of paying for some kind of fancy growler filling station or take home some special keg out for home consumption, this style of drinking will be right for you! Let’s see what else is going on here…

What is a Hammer and Hock?

A hammer and a newspaper are made to exacting standards, and so are their relationships. A popular topic on the forums for the company, and a keystay in their brand-building efforts, is the relationship between their canned beer and its canned halves. One could easily speculate that the partnership is the corevaloration of their relationship, or at least that it represents the bond between the two founders. But, as we’ve already discussed, the relationship isn’t just between two men, but also between two companies aiming to bring craft beer to the masses. While the company’s name contains the word “craft” in it, it’s also a signer of two important consumer trends: the growth of competitive craft beer in the U.S., and the growth of specialty beer in the U.K.

More about the company

This is the company’s first shipment of canned beer, and while they didn’t provide a specific release date for it, it’s expected to hit shelves this fall. In addition to the canned beer, Hammer and Hock also produces a range of beverage accessories and is developing a line of hand-held bottle openers and decanters with high-quality, pour-ability ingredients.

What brews are coming out of Hammer and Hock?

As the name suggests, the canned beer and its canned halves are made with barrel-aged Wyeast souring agents. The canned beer is then flavored with corn and puffed with phenolics to create a beer that’s distinctly American. Just as American craft beer has grown in popularity in the U.S. and Europe over the last few years, so has specialty craft beer. The most popular specialty in the U.S. is probably stout, while stouts are quite popular in Europe. What’s more, one can’t accurately predict when, or if, craft beer will ever become a staple at all, or what its influence will be, in the U.S. The era of barrel-aged, barrel- Bombshell-like styles of beer is long gone, and we’re now seeing more and more imperial stouts, porters, and other styles of light, hazy American-style beer.

The new production brewery

The first thing you need to know about Hammer and Hock is that they’re still a young company. They’ve got four employees and their current location in Durham, North Carolina, but their production costs are very high, far more than those of most craft breweries. Fortunately, their archrival, New Belgium, has been around for a long time and is one of the most expensive breweries in the country to run. If New Belgium wants to stay in business, then they’ll have to invest heavily in production and marketing.

Got a story? Let’s hear it!

The cost of production, and the amount of production it requires, isn’t the only thing that sets Hammer and Hock apart from the rest. The beers they make are uniquely American and uniquely beer, whereas New Belgium’s line of beers isn’t unique at all. What’s more, the people behind the bar and the liquor store are both Americans—including the owners, Michael Hammer and Drew Mac Hammer. As such, you’re probably going to see a lot of American-themed merchandise, as well as American-flavored food and drink.

How to order your beer from the new brewery in Durham, North Carolina

If you’re hoping to try one of the new craft beer offerings from Hammer and Hock while in Durham, North Carolina, you’re in luck. The company has set up shop just a stone’s throws from Durham’s SouthPark Shopping Center, so you can pop into the local shop and pick up a couple of cases of their rotating lineup of signature brews. The South Park Cellar at Third and Tucker has been around for about a decade, and still holds true to its South Park origins. While on tap for about a month, Third and Tucker will feature a rotating selection of Durham’s best craft beers, as well as guest taps from local brewers. At the company store, you can also pick up a few cases of their spring/summer series, as well as a few of their other bomber lagers and stouts. While the store is open from 9am to 12am daily, they’re not open to the public, so you’re stuck waiting in line for some seriously pricey beer.

Where to buy your beer online or at the brewery store in Durham, North Carolina

If you’re looking for a few cases of your favorite beers, or even an experience at the brewery—whether you’re in the mood for a few beers with your coffee or you just want a few examples of your new favorite style of beer—you can find them in the beer section of the beer store, located just around the corner from the brewery. This is one of the more expensive places to buy your stuff, but if you’re willing to spend a little bit more than average, then you can get a lot more than average beer.

#Final Words

The craft beer industry has grown at a rapid rate in the United States over the past few years, and with it has come the need for quality beer. The South Park Cellar in Durham, North Carolina is one of the best places to get your fix of the latest and greatest craft brews. The South Park Cellar is also one of the most expensive places to buy your stuff, but with the right partner, you can get a lot more than average beer. Now there’s an idea to deal with those extra beer expenses in your absence. The brewery store in Durham, North Carolina is one of the best places to stock up on the latest and greatest craft beer. Just make sure to visit the store while your in town, and you’ll be glad you did.

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