Myths On Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dirt from the air ducts. Air quality in our homes plays a major role in our respiratory health.  The duct system together, which includes the heating and the cooling system, is mostly responsible for the quality of air inside. Ensuring that they are in good condition in terms of hygiene helps maintain good air quality.

It is important to have your air ducts cleaned often if you want to maintain good-quality air. It is also hygienic to keep all parts of your home clean, including the air ducts. Unfortunately, people always have myths about everything, including duct cleaning. Here are some common myths about air duct cleaning and what should be true instead.

1. Hiring A Duct Cleaning Company Is Very Expensive

Most homeowners tend to believe that hiring professionals from an air duct cleaning company is very expensive. This is the case because hiring a company to clean your ducts may actually save you some money in the long run.

Hiring professionals is cheaper than doing the cleaning yourself in so many ways. For a start, doing the cleaning yourself will require you to spend some money on buying the required materials and equipment. The professionals have the materials and equipment handy since they do this daily.

When you do the cleaning yourself, it may be very tempting to use cheap home equipment, which may harm your air duct system more than good. Damaging your system will cost you more to repair or entirely replace it, which could be avoided by getting professionals to do the work.

Additionally, the professionals are well-skilled, which means they know how to perform the procedure faster without using much energy. This minimizes your energy bills and saves you the cost of maintenance if damages occur as you clean the ducts yourself.

2. Ducts Cleaning Is Not Easy

People often need to pay more attention to cleaning their air ducts because they think it is a very hard and complicated procedure. This was only the case a long time ago when duct cleaning used to be manual and was done using cleaning brushes only.

Currently, with improvements in technology over the past years, there is equipment manufactured specifically for air duct cleaning near me.

There are also different ways of cleaning air ducts, making the entire process easy and fast. The advanced ways involve thoroughly using powerful tools to clean within a very short period.

3. Duct Cleaning Does Not Contribute To Saving Money

This is entirely wrong because the opposite is actually true. Dirty ducts mean the HVAC system is dirty, too, and probably overloaded with dust and other contaminants. This makes the system do much work to regulate the temperatures inside. An overworking HVAC system means drawing much energy to enable performance for long hours.

If the energy used to regulate temperatures inside is too much, your energy bill increases rapidly, which means spending more money on energy bills. You can save this money by cleaning the air ducts, which requires to be done only once in a while rather than spending more money on energy bills every month.

4. Duct Cleaning Is Necessary Only When There Is Something Wrong With The System

Most people only clean the ducts when they think that something is wrong with the ductwork. However, this is the case; it should not work as the only condition to determine whether you should clean the air ducts.

Cleaning your air ducts is part of personal hygiene and should be done often if you want to maintain good air quality all the time. Leaving your ducts dirty until they develop an obvious issue is unhygienic ad unhealthy and could result in respiratory issues.

5. Duct Cleaning Leaves Your Home Messy

Homeowners are often hesitant to get air duct cleaning near me because they believe their homes will be messy after the process. This is not true because if you hire professionals from a reputable firm, they will leave your home in the state where they found it. Doing cleaning after the procedure is part of the process and should be included.

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