Thinkific Gradebook Review

Thinkific has been in the elearning business for years, and they have a robust, user-friendly portal with a variety of advanced features. The platform allows for live classes, asynchronous on-demand classes, cohort-based learning, and a certificate of completion system. It even offers features such as drip-scheduling, which is a great option for those whose courses are designed to build student interest over time. Depending on your course’s objectives, you can create mandatory lessons that include videos, text, and quizzes.

Thinkific is a great option for students, as it has an online community for teachers, and it also provides teacher support. For example, it has a community resource page where teachers can ask questions and receive help with any issues they encounter. Students can also use an in-app news feed to stay updated on the latest news from Thinkific, which includes information for teachers. Finally, the Thinkific website offers links to the Thinkific social media accounts, which will help them stay connected with their professors.

Lastly, Thinkific offers a wide variety of templates. You can use Thinkific to create your own online course or customize a pre-existing one. You can add content, change quiz questions, and add slideshows. You can also embed videos hosted on Wistia and other platforms.

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