Understanding Curly Hairstyles For Men

There are so many curly hairstyles for men that you can try out. The most obvious features of curly hair are natural volume, hair movement, and hair texture. The features of curly hair mean that you have to deal with excess frizz, breakage, and hair dryness. Curls are beautiful, but they need the proper care and maintenance to stay in shape.

Men with curly hair need to know that specific hair products will work with their hair. They also need to learn how to handle the hair in styling to minimize breakage. Maintaining curly hair is not difficult as long as you know the right products and have several tips to help you. Here are tips to help with curly hairstyles for men if you are one with naturally curly hair.

1. Always Start With The Right Haircut

The major secret behind neat-looking curly hairstyles for men is getting the haircut right for the first time. It does not matter if you use so many right products; if you don’t get the haircut right, your curly hair will not cooperate.

If you have an idea of a haircut to try on your curly hair, it will be best to pass the idea to an expert to get advice on whether it suits you. The stylist will advise you about the most suitable haircut based on factors such as your hair texture and the shape of your face.

When determining a suitable haircut, stay true to your daily routine regarding hair care. Some haircuts will require more effort than others regarding curly hair. Settle for the haircut that you can comfortably manage and fit the hair care routine into your schedule.

Going for complicated haircuts requiring too much effort will frustrate you if things don’t turn out how you expect. Get a haircut that you can meet the upkeep expectations, which will also help you keep the haircut neat and for the longest time.

Avoid the temptations of copying a haircut online without understanding what will be required to maintain it. If you have to copy a haircut from the internet, ensure you don’t miss any details.

2. Avoid Too Much Shampooing

How often you wash your hair can be affected by the hair type. Continuously washing curly hair is not recommended because it messes with the natural state of the curls. Only wash your curly hair when you have to and for the right reasons.

Determine your hair needs to help you determine how often you will need to wash your hair. For people with naturally tight curls, washing their hair twice or thrice a week is enough.

Daily wash interferes with the natural state of the curls and removes the essential oil needed to maintain the health of the hair, and this eventually causes breakage. You don’t need to shampoo your hair every time you clean it necessarily. Sometimes a plain water rinse is enough to maintain the hair in good condition.

3. Practice Co-Washing

Co-washing for curly hair means using curly hair products when washing the hair in place of shampoos. The curly hair products ensure your hair is cleansed of any foreign dirt and leaves the natural scalp oil undisturbed.

Co-washing your curly hair at least once every week will help keep your hair hydrated and give your curls a bouncy look that every person with curly hair admires.

4. Air Dry Your Hair

It is always advisable to air dry your hair rather than blow dry it in cases of naturally curly hair. Blow drying the hair not only interferes with the natural setting of the curls but also weakens the hair, eventually resulting in breakage.

You can also consider investing in a diffuser as it works perfectly in providing dry, hot air to get rid of water in your hair and in a more gentle way than the traditional blow dryer.

5. Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is very important for all types of hair. It helps keep the hair detangled and soft, which means there are low chances of breakage as a result of dryness.

Deep conditioning also acts as additional moisturizing and nourishment for your curly hair.  Dry curls are prone to breakage, and to avoid that ensure that you always deep condition your hair.

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