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porters randall kerr, tribune of the people 300msolomon, and the land is not ready for another political party yet. but go beyond that & do it with a sense of humor! this week’s bradley roddick nixon special will have you dancing a jig in your boots. so will this week’s paul ryan texas plan-k newsroom update which covers everything from the new supercommittee to the fiscal cliff. don’t wait even though you want to – get your hands on these paces before they’re gone!

The daily nazi movie

The new sub- conformist Nazi, who calls “peasants” and “slanders” “murderers,” is now making his way to the Red Room. But can he be saved? The three-time presidential candidate promises to “Make America Great Again” and “Make America Great Again for the people.” But does he have what it takes to be president? Does he have what his supporters need? Does he have what CNN is paying for?

The ladies of the week

Amanda Berry – The White House correspondent for the Washington Post – has taken a break from covering the White House to talk slavery, race and the relationship between African Americans and white people. Stacey Abrams – The former state representative for Georgia’s 6th District – is introducing herself to the international media. She’s the only black woman in the running for president and is establishing herself as a voice for the voiceless. Carol Moseley-Braun – The former prison guard turned politician who lost her husband to gun violence is fighting back against the stigma attached to mental illness. She’s speaking out about her struggles during her second term as vice president, and what it means for people with mental illness, treatment and the rest of us.

Should we have locked down the border?

It could all depend on where you live. A common refrain among Trump supporters is that we should have locked down the border. “We should have done it years ago,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said in a recent poll. “We should have done it decades ago.” Some are more urgent matters, however. The so-called “evil empire” theory, which states that the United States is supporting and financing terrorist groups, is still a hot-ticket item in the conservative blogosphere. But the idea that we should have maintained open borders or stepped up efforts to secure them is wide of the mark. We should have been strict about what we were sending and receiving and how many people we were welcoming into the country every year. We should have set a greater example of welcoming people from other countries and promoting mutual respectability. We should have done more to build and protect our military presence in the Middle East.

Why should we care?

The race to replace outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is heating up. Today, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is throwing his support behind Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), who has been working to unite the right behind his campaign. As national security experts and former diplomats begin to line up behind Kaine, some are asking why they should care. “The main issue is the people who are being targeted by this,” former Assistant Secretary of State for International Negotiations Thomas Endres said in a recent speech. “That could be people on the governmental side or the private sector who are being targeted.” There are a number of significant priorities for the Trump administration right now, including the one that Senator Kaine mentioned – but which is also related to national security.

What if we start over?

It’s not unusual for people to start over and new businesses to spring up in their time. While it’s wonderful to see a business or new organization coming into existence, it’s also important to remember that it isn’t a new idea. The steps that need to be taken for such a new venture to succeed are already well know. For example, entrepreneurs have been struggling to get their name associated with a brand for a long time. In fact, in the early stages of business, it can be hard to get a brand name from your inventors. They may have to draw up a business plan and engage in a lot of search engine optimization before they can get the name out of their head.

That’s not enough Trump!

It might be tempting to celebrate the fact that you’ve gotten your name in the newspapers and on talk radio. But be realistic. Your chances of becoming the president are remote. Even if you did manage to land a job as an advisor to the president, it won’t be enough to change the tone or minds of the electorate. And if you want to make an impact, you need to reach out to communities that you haven’t yet explored. The people of Northern Virginia, for example, may not find your ideas helpful, but they will be very interested in what you have to say. There is no reason to celebrate the fact that you’ve taken a seat in the White House if you don’t have the power to change the course of history. The key is to remain committed to the day to day tasks of running a great country, while fighting the good fight against a lot of the issues that make life in America so difficult.

You Know Your West Coast Song By Now

As the White House race enters its final months, some will be wondering what the West Coast song to replace former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be. It can be hard for new business owners to get a feel for what their local music scene needs. They may not know the general criteria for selection, but they should know theitude of the music and its place in the culture. That means the West Coast has to be represented in the Oval Office. The office has to reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of the country. As the leader of the free world, you have to put your own spin on the global affairs of the world. So, the West Coast has to have a R&B heart and soul. You have to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd. For the West Coast to have that, you have to have something that resonates with the culture. That something is going to come from the heart. It’s going to come from you.

Partisans Advance on Tax Cuts

It’s amazing how many people are quick to point out that the Tea Party has never been a party of tax cuts. But that’s not the case. The Tea Party is the party of all-for-one-against-the-rich. The all-for-one-against-the-rich party doesn’t just stand for all-for-one-plus-one. It stands for “all for one, and one for all.” The Tea Party is about as conservative as you can get. It’s about as moderate as you can get. It’s about as liberals as possible. And even though the party has fallen on hard times, it still has a ways to go before it is considered a major player.

Beale: ‘We are all in this together’

Election day is the single most important day in the lives of every American. It marks the finish of an era. It marks the end of the struggle. It marks the beginning of something new. That’s what this is – a new and unique chapter in American history. It’s our moment. It’s our moment to decide what that is. It’s also the single most important day in American history for the people. It is the day when the new order is born. It’s the day when the government is created. It’s the day when all of our freedoms and privileges are taken away from us. That’s what this is – a new and unique chapter in American history. It’s our moment. It’s our moment to decide what that is.

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