What is Nursery

A nursery is a place that raises plants for sale. These plants have essential oils and scents that can provide a natural alternative to many allopathic medicines. It can also be a good source of income for farmers. Some nurseries are also used as research facilities. However, there are a number of regulations and permits to consider before starting a nursery.

The first important rule of a nursery is that it is a safe, secure environment. It should be free of irritants and chemicals. In addition, it should have plenty of water. A nurse or security guard should be able to monitor the environment of the nursery, as well as the behavior of its users. If you have a baby, you should also make sure that it is not left unattended.

A nursery has several sections. One of these is the pot yard, where tender and sensitive plants are grown. This is typically a shaded area. The workers in this area will pack and sort the saplings before selling them. A nursery will also have a greenhouse where plants are grown in containers. All of these sections are vital to a nursery’s success.

Another key requirement of a nursery is man power. Nurseries need skilled and unskilled labor to operate effectively. Moreover, they need technically sound gardeners. A good nursery should have an adequate supply of manpower, which must be affordable and readily available. In addition, electricity should be available at a regular rate and load shedding should be minimized. A good nursery should also have good transport facilities to move stock and materials.

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