10 Reasons Why Marco Reus Is One of the Best Footballers in the World

1. Creativity: Marco Reus is renowned for his creative and imaginative play. He is regularly praised for his ability to think quickly and come up with innovative solutions on the pitch. His creative style of play has seen him become one of the most sought-after players in European football.
2. Versatility: Reus’ versatility is one of his greatest strengths. He is capable of playing in a variety of positions across the midfield and forward line. This makes him a valuable asset to any team, as he can easily be deployed in any role.
3. Goalscoring Ability: Marco Reus is an accomplished goalscorer. He has scored numerous important goals for Borussia Dortmund and the German national team. His clinical finishing from inside and outside the penalty area is one of the reasons why he is so highly rated.
4. Passing Range: Reus is renowned for his impressive passing range. He can pick out team-mates with pinpoint accuracy, whether over short or long distances. His ability to find teammates with through-balls has been an invaluable asset to both Dortmund and Germany.
5. Technical Ability: Reus’ technical ability is also outstanding. His composure on the ball is second to none, and he is capable of playing intricate one-touch passes with ease. His skill on the ball makes him a nightmare for defenders, as he is able to quickly turn defence into attack.
6. Work Ethic: Marco Reus is a player who works hard for his team. He is always willing to press opponents, win back possession and track back to defend. His work rate is exemplary and it is one of the reasons why he is so highly regarded by his team-mates.
7. Leadership: Marco Reus has shown a great deal of leadership both on and off the pitch. He is vocal on the pitch, encouraging his team-mates and motivating them to keep going. He also takes responsibility for his team’s performance, showing great maturity for such a young player.
8. Fitness: Marco Reus is renowned for his excellent fitness levels. He can run for 90 minutes without tiring, and his durability has seen him become a key player for Dortmund. His ability to maintain a high level of fitness gives him an edge over his opponents, allowing him to perform at his best for the entire match.
9. Big-Game Player: Reus is a player who can be relied upon to perform in big games. He has scored numerous important goals in the Bundesliga and Champions League, and he is known for producing match-winning performances when his team needs him most.
10. Consistency: Marco Reus is one of the most consistent players in European football. He has been a key player for Dortmund since his arrival in 2012, and he has rarely been injured or out of form. His consistent performances over the years have made him one of the most reliable players in the game.


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