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4 Small Paint Projects That Will Give Your Home a Facelift

Homeowners looking to transform the look of your home with our professional house painting services in Sarasota, FL don’t have to break the bank. In fact, house painting has been described as one of the most affordable and cost-effective home improvement projects.

Improving the appearance, value, and appeal of your home through paints and paint jobs can save you a lot of money and can be completed faster. However, you need to know where to focus on and how to use your paints best. This article explores the four small paint projects you can invest in to give your home the desired facelift.


The doors and entryways are more important than most homeowners admit. Doors aren’t just for security and safety. They also add to the home’s appearance and appeal.

Doors are more likely to feel the effect of wear and tear the most, especially because you use them daily. They could benefit from a paint job to update their appearance and give your home a finer and more attractive look.

Inspect your door and door frames for paint chips, discolorations, and outdated paints. You can start by repainting the most prominent doors, which are often the front and back doors. You may also include other doors badly affected by wear and tear. Doing this can help you stay on a budget while also transforming the appearance and appeal of your home, especially to visitors and guests.

Trims and Foyer

Your interior trims are there for a reason. The chances are high that they may also have been battered by age and traffic. You could consider updating your interior trim, especially if it’s been long since you last did.

Is your trim looking grubby? Does the grubbiness remain even after using a magic eraser? You can save yourself a lot of stress and revamp your indoor space with a fresh trim. Your fresh trim may be the same color as before, or you could try out other colors, taking inspiration from your interior space.

Your foyer can also benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Homes with foyers can create a pleasant impression on guests, visitors, and passersby by updating their foyer colors. Choosing warm colors or experimenting with colors may be best to create the perfect welcoming space for your friends and family.


Hallways are often neglected, however, they experience a lot of foot traffic which exposes them to smudges and stains. If you have children in the house, the chances are high that the hallway is their canvas.

The smudges and other artistic paintings done by your children can be corrected by adding a fresh coat of paint to the hallway walls.

Tip: It is best to repaint your hallway than top up the paint. Topping up the paint can create an uneven paint tone, usually because of fading on other parts of the walls. You’ll get an even appearance when you repaint.


Your bathroom is your personal space where you can be with your thoughts, even if for some minutes. The bathroom is also prone to many changes, especially due to moisture and high humidity levels. You can update your bathroom by repainting it to give it a better look and feel.

A new bathroom paint job is often cost-effective and can serve your need for a change easily. You can also explore different color options for the repainting job while you save up for a bathroom remodel project.

Tips to Hire a Qualified Painter

The above painting projects can help you redefine the appearance and appeal of your property on a budget. However, getting the best results often lie in your choice of a painting contractor. If you haven’t already hired a painter for the job, consider the following tips.

  • Look for experienced local painters – You stand a better chance of getting the best services when you hire the best hands for the job. Improve the chances of a successful outcome by seeking recommendations from friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues at work. Also, focus on hiring a local painter to save costs and improve accessibility.
  • Read reviews and request quotes – Reviews are an excellent way to understand how the painter works and the downsides of hiring them. Stay away from painters with many bad reviews and invite excellent painters for a physical chat. Most painters offer free in-home consultations and free quotes. Compare quotes from three to four top picks before making your decision.
  • Consider professionalism and quality before price – It is best to put the painter’s professionalism and service quality above their price. You’ll thank yourself for paying a little extra for a guaranteed successful job.

Follow the tips above to get the best painting outcomes to improve your home’s appearance and value.

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