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The UserLeap is an AI-powered VR headset. Its series B price is $38M. It is capable of enabling you to immerse yourself in a completely new way. It also has many other cool features, such as augmented reality. To learn more about UserLeap, read on.


Founded in 2014, UserLeap is a company that uses AI and machine learning to improve products and services. While it hasn’t been accepting customers for long, the company has signed up some of the best Silicon Valley product companies, such as Square and Opendoor, to receive feedback from millions of people on their products.

To be truly effective, product teams need to get rich insights on the customer’s experience. This insight allows them to understand their customers’ motivations and behavior, and inform the next release. UserLeap helps product teams fill this huge gap by allowing them to ask quick questions of specific customers at precise points in their journeys. This allows product teams to know exactly how satisfied their customers are, and to make decisions that will improve the customer experience.


Sprig is a platform that helps product teams communicate with customers during the product development lifecycle. It was previously known as UserLeap, but will be rebranded to Sprig in September 2021. It was founded in 2018 and is based in San Francisco. Its mission is to help tech companies learn how to better serve their users by gathering insights from their users. The platform connects product managers with tech buyers and their RFPs.

It is designed to integrate micro surveys into products, so that product teams can collect qualitative and quantitative insights. It also automatically analyses the results, so teams can take action quickly. The software has been designed for teams that are launching new products or redefining existing ones. It has a robust feature set, including analytics and social media integrations.

Sprig enables users to collect user feedback through a variety of methods, including video interviews and microsurveys. The video interviews can be targeted to a particular audience. The results are then analyzed by Sprig’s AI. The platform also lets you create surveys based on specific actions and attributes.


UserLeap is a startup that combines contextual microsurveys with AI-based text analysis to help R&D teams better understand their customers. This helps them build product roadmaps and solve complex business problems. The company was founded by Kevin Mandich and Ryan Glasgow in 2018. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

UserLeap builds its models on millions of distinct data points and continually refines them as more data is made available. The training datasets come from both internal and external sources. Additionally, UserLeap employs human experts who review a subset of the model’s predictions.

Customer research in software products

Customer research is an important element of product strategy, market research, and overall business needs. It helps identify and solve customer needs, and it can provide valuable insights about potential new products, features, and services. It can also uncover hidden issues or uncover alternative use cases. The key to customer research is to incorporate the needs of the end user throughout the design process.

The first step in customer research is to create an effective survey or conduct interviews with customers. Make sure you listen more than you talk, and ask meaningful follow-up questions to encourage deeper thinking. Once you’ve gathered the information you need, share your findings with your team. Prioritize ideas that support your business goals.

In addition to answering questions and gathering data, research also helps businesses understand their competitors better. This allows them to develop better products and services, and to focus on customer pain points. Using software to collect this data can help your company distinguish itself from its competitors. This type of research can help you better target unhappy customers and outsell your competition.

The next step in customer research is to collect demographic data about your target market. For this, you can use a survey tool like SurveyMonkey to collect information from your target market. These surveys can be shared on blogs and social media. They tend to have low response rates, but can yield meaningful insights.


UserLeap is a new platform that is making it easy for companies to conduct high-resolution, iterative user research. The company has not been accepting customers for very long, but they have already signed up some of the biggest Silicon Valley product companies, including Square and Opendoor. The founder of UserLeap is Ryan Glasgow, who has worked in product for over a decade.

The product aims to connect product teams with tech buyers and provide them with rich insights that illuminate their next release. UserLeap helps product teams gain such insights by enabling them to ask specific questions of specific customers at specific points in the journey. This allows them to know exactly how their customers are feeling and make informed product decisions.


UserLeap is a startup that combines contextual microsurveys, AI-based text analysis, and over 75 research templates to help R&D teams better understand their audience and build the roadmap for their next product or service. Founded in 2018, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

UserLeap’s AI analyzes open-text responses in real-time, allowing researchers to analyze the results. It also provides web and native iOS SDKs, shareable link microsurveys, and a comprehensive dashboard to visualize insights. These insights can be collected from all users or targeted by groups. In addition, you can import existing surveys and data sources.

Questions to ask customers about your product

To improve your product, consider asking customers to provide feedback on their experience with it. The goal is to identify the pain points and barriers to purchase and to make your product more useful for customers. Identifying pain points will help you refine your products and services, as well as determine how to attract new customers.

The questions you choose should be specific enough to elicit useful feedback from your customers. Yes or no questions may only provide basic information, but options-based questions will give you more detail. You can also ask follow-up questions for further information. If the customer does not have enough information to respond to a question, give them an option to skip it. This way, you can ensure that you get honest data.


While data collection is an important part of research, without actionable insights, data collection is of little value. Voxco’s software has robust reporting and analytics tools.


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