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In a recent Series B round, startup Quantum Metric raised $200 million to help companies better understand their customers and the types of information that will help them develop better products. Its platform, called continuous product design, helps large organizations collect quantitative data from customers and improve the customer experience. With the new funding, the company will invest in its growth and expand its team to support its customers.

The company’s goal is to improve business performance by automating the monitoring process and reducing the time it takes to resolve issues. It uses technology from Google’s BigQuery to query petabytes of data to identify and analyze the most critical metrics. For example, it can calculate how much money a company is losing due to website issues, such as slow loading of pages. These issues can lead to customers bailing out during the checkout process.

Focused on customer

The funding for Quantum Metric comes from Insight Partners, which has been a frequent backer of companies focused on customer service. In the past few years, the venture firm has also invested in Glia, a customer service platform. With this funding, Quantum Metric is well on its way to helping the customer experience and is planning to have a billion monthly visitors by 2020.

The fresh funding will help Quantum Metric expand its growth and develop its product. The company plans to hire more than a dozen additional developers to help with the product. The company has raised $200 million since its Series A round, and is now valued at over $1 billion. It will continue to build momentum across various verticals and add to its roster of globally-established enterprise clients.

The company plans to use the money to expand its machine learning capabilities. It also plans to expand its sales team and marketing efforts. It aims to hire 400 more employees by 2022. Its software helps companies to build better products by giving them a single source of truth. It also helps companies build products faster and more efficiently.

Overcome organizational

Quantum Metric uses real-time data collected from digital interactions to create continuous product design. This allows companies to overcome organizational silos and focus on what really matters to customers. It has become the leading Continuous Product Design solution and has customers that include some of the most prominent brands in the world.

The company is focusing on building a modern training program and is also looking to expand its sales. This has resulted in an impressive rise in sales: in March 2021, the company raised $12.2 million. Nine months later, it raised $45 million, and its revenues have risen by 300%. As the company’s growth has continued, executives decided to invest in new development and research.

Quantum Metric Review

Quantum Metric is a digital product management company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Its services help businesses develop, design, and manage their digital products. Founded in 2010, the company has helped companies like Lululemon translate their in-store experience to their digital platforms. Today, it’s a global player with an expanding roster of global enterprise clients. In this article, we will look at the company’s growth, recent funding, and business strategy.

Quantum Metric uses a continuous product design approach to help businesses build digital products faster. The philosophy borrows from established agile development and design processes. Its goal is to increase efficiency through change and a flexible response to it. The company’s mission is to help companies build better products and experience for customers.

Quantum Metric has a wealth of metrics to help businesses make informed decisions. It can help companies understand customer behavior, pinpoint design and platform problems, and measure their KPIs. It can also help companies determine the amount of money lost by a website that is experiencing performance issues. For example, if a page is slow or has errors, it can result in customers bailing out at the checkout stage.

Series A Round

Roboflow is a computer vision dev platform that provides a platform for building computer vision models. The startup recently raised $20M in a series A round led by Craft Ventures. The new funding will go toward hiring efforts. Roboflow claims to have 50,000 developers using its platform, including those building applications for telescopes and microscopes. The platform is also used by enterprises to build products for everything from retail to medical product delivery. Its latest funding comes at a time when machine vision is becoming an increasingly important tool for modern enterprises.

Roboflow’s software enables developers to create computer vision models faster. It includes tools for capturing images, organizing videos, annotating them, and training the models. The company also offers tools to deploy and use these models for a variety of applications.

Roboflow is based in Des Moines, Iowa. It uses AI and robotics to help customers develop computer vision software. It also helps manage the workflow of computer vision, including data management and collaboration. The company’s software also allows users to test different labeling techniques, enabling them to build more accurate computer vision models.

Computer vision models

The Des Moines, Iowa-based startup Roboflow is developing tools that make it easy for people to build computer vision models. It recently raised $20 million in a series A round led by Craft Ventures. Its team of engineers and programmers specializes in helping people build computer vision models, and it has already received several awards.

Roboflow was founded in 2019. It is a computer vision platform for building, training, and using machine learning. The software allows users to train computer vision models by uploading videos and images. The platform can also help developers create new products that incorporate computer vision. Roboflow plans to use the new funding to grow its team.

A necessary part

Computer vision applications are becoming a necessary part of modern enterprises. Roboflow’s platform makes it easy for developers to build computer vision products. The company has raised $20M in a series A round led by Craft Ventures. The company says the money will go toward hiring.


Roboflow offers a complete software-as-a-service platform to build computer vision models more quickly and more efficiently. It has a suite of tools for image collection, image organization, annotating, training,timesweb and deployment. This enables teams to focus on solving domain problems that are difficult to tackle on their own.

Users can easily experiment with different configurations and labels to learn how to build better computer vision models.

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