6 best places for a beach vacation

Sun, sea, white sand, scalding wind, seagulls and exotic fruits. What could be better if your country has a harsh winter or a gloomy and sad autumn? Today we’ll walk around the continents and choose the best place for a beach holiday and solitude in harmony with nature.

Best places for a beach holiday in Europe

Diverse and rich in architecture, Europe is in the first place for many travelers. Tourists come here not only to relax on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, but also to admire the colorful scenery, to get acquainted with the traditional heritage of the Old World. Author: Юровский Кирилл.

1. The island of Crete, Greece. Crete – Europe’s most diverse beaches

The beach season starts in late May on the island of Crete and lasts until mid-October, depending on the weather, pleasing tourists with a mild climate and clear waters. There are beaches with white, golden, brown and even black sand. The island of Elafonisi is also worth mentioning. Elafonisi is the pink sand, created by the red corals and shells.

During the blue season, the temperature rises to +23 … 30 ° C. The wind in Crete is a frequent phenomenon, but there are no strong storms. The coastline is 1000 km with all the bays and wild places. For example, the beach of Lissos, surrounded by rocks, is 67 km from Chania. When heading here you should take an umbrella and a blanket, because there are no sunbeds on the beach, but only a single bench.

On the beach of Malia near Heraklion you will find yourself in the center of all kinds of events, parties, and even visits to the excavations of the Ancient City.

There are places on the island for holidays with children – Stavros, Bali, Plakias, Voulisma, Malia and others. There are soft banks with sand or fine pebbles, calm waters without high waves, comfortable entrances to the water, rent chairs with umbrellas.

2. Italy, Sicily – the heart of the Mediterranean

On the shores of Italy you can relax no worse than on Crete. Tourism is well developed here and a lot of fun on the water: diving, sea fishing, walks on yachts and boats. Travelers are welcomed by luxurious hotels and budget hostels, delicious traditional cuisine, sea delicacies, amusement parks, excursions to places of interest.

The best beaches are considered Mondello, a crowded 2 km long resort. Fontane Bianche is famous for its fountains that gush directly from the rocks – the gorge is narrow, but tourists are not embarrassed by this. You’ll find paradise on the shores of San Vito-Lo Capo, with its azure waters and white sand and a well-developed infrastructure. Agrigento is loved for its endless summers. The best place to relax is the beach of Scala dei Turki with its warm water and beautiful nature.

Sicily is famous for its black sands – the lava of the volcano Etna, washed by sea waves and dried by the wind. The island has many places for recreation with children, but active young people will not be bored.

The Best Beaches in North and South America

These continents are washed by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, counting thousands of gorgeous beaches with vibrant tourist areas and wild unspoiled areas. Colorful sands, hot springs, and scuba diving opportunities abound in the Americas.

1. USA, Florida – snow-white beaches with azure water

The western part of the state is known for its warm beaches. Siesta Beach with its fine, soft sand and Clearwater Beach (Tampa) with its loud parties, pier and promenade along the boardwalk are considered the best. Hotels are located right on the beach, so you can spend the night here after a good walk, and in the morning enjoy the gorgeous view from the window. Here is just a room to book in advance.

Lovers of wildlife will enjoy a holiday on the west coast in the parks Naples and St. Peterbyrg. Entry by car is charged, but no more than $ 10. In Pensacola, tourists are waiting for the white sand, emerald waters and a lot of local wildlife such as turtles and dolphins. Do not leave out and Miami, where near the hot sand and palm trees next to the chic infrastructure, and the ocean sailing cruise ships.

Miami is a favorite vacation spot for stars and travelers from around the world. The high-rise hotels are right on the coast, so you won’t be left without gorgeous views. Of course, a long flight and high prices upset you a little, but you make up for it with a walk along the endless shores of the Atlantic.

2. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – the best beaches for surfing

The country boasts a sub equatorial climate that brings hot summers and warm winters. The average reading on the thermometer here rarely drops below +23 degrees. The entire coastline is used by tourists: some areas are for relaxing and swimming, while others, with strong currents, are used for surfing.

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its active beach life. There are festivals, parties, and celebrations. The city has many traditional restaurants, hotels and entertainment centers (bars, casinos, clubs).

The most popular beach is Copacabana, located at the foot of Sugar Loaf Mountain. For surfers, the eastern part of Aproador and the beach of Barra da Tijuca are in first place. Another attraction is the upscale Ipanema Beach, as well as the excellent spots for kids – Leblon and Urca.

Every country has its shortcomings, and Brazil is no exception. One time for every time, but you should be careful and not trust just anyone, because Rio can’t be called safe.

The best beaches of exotic countries and islands

The list of the best places to vacation includes entire islands, famous for their beaches with wild virgin nature or places equipped with the latest technology. Snow-white sands and exotic vegetation make them true paradises.

1. Bahamas, Pinks Sands – Harbor Island Pinks Sands

A unique place with unforgettable scenery and beauty. The real delight of tourists is the pink sand – not for nothing this beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The island itself is small – 5 km long and 2 wide. The characteristic shade of coverage is created by particles of Foraminifera shells, colored in crimson or bright red.

The desert beaches can be used for horseback riding, morning jogging, or secluded swimming. A coral reef protects the coastal waters from the sharp waves of the Atlantic Ocean, allowing you to swim and dive. Diving is well-developed here; you can see up to 6 meters in clear water, so you can spot marine life even from a boat.

On the island is well developed tourist business, so it will not be difficult to find a hotel, restaurant with delicious food or store with unique souvenirs.

2. Dominican Republic, Punta Cana – picturesque beaches of the Republic

This resort area is known for its hotels with high-level service, well-kept streets, paradisiacal beaches and dense vegetation. It is better developed than tourism in Turkey or Egypt. In the evenings there are bars and clubs, restaurants with delicious cuisine, and during the day – the entertainment centers and attractions.

The all-inclusive system includes visits to bars and spas within the hotels, as well as non-motorized water sports. Punta Cana organizes excursions to the Republic and nearby islands – you will not be bored, even children. However, the cost of tours and trips is overestimated in comparison with other countries.

Impeccable reputation has made the Dominican Republic a popular resort among tourists. The beaches here are well-groomed and competently organized, excursions are not boring and not formulaic. The flight to the islands is long, but you can travel there by rented car.

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