Accessories To Use With Your Pop Up Canopy Tent

Despite all our buildings and megastructures, it is the lap of nature that gives us humans the most gratifying experiences. Every now and then we find ourselves enjoying the fresh outdoor air, soaking the sun on beaches, chasing trails in the wilderness, or arranging social gatherings like corporate parties and tradeshows in expansive outdoor venues.

Whether you’re using a pop-up canopy tent or a custom tent for your outdoor event, having the right accessories is essential to ensure a successful and comfortable experience.

What is that one accessory you can spot as being our constant companion in all our outdoor activities? It is the canopy tent! These purposeful accessories have revolutionized the way we handle outdoor events. Now there’s no more waiting for indoor venues to free up; no cramming into jam-packed auditoriums to partake in an event. We can just use large event tents to host gala events, and employ custom printed pop up tents as brand pavilions in exhibitions.

But outdoor canopy tents alone might not be sufficient to cater to all your needs in an event. This is where accessories come in handy. There’s a whole bunch of accessories available in the market to complement your tent and make it even more purposeful. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Different types of PVC walls

PVC walls are a means for fortifying a canopy tent’s ability to keep out dust, and wet and cold gusts. And they add to the fashion quotient of event tents too!  

Church window wall 

These translucent PVC church-window styled walls look extremely fashionable. They let diffused daylight through and help create a magical ambience inside an event tent. These accessories are particularly effective in rainy and cold weather conditions. Coupled with mellow light fixtures to ramp up night-time ambience, these accessories can lend your tent a classic indoor venue vibe. 

Clear walls

If you want your tent to look like a beautiful glass house, this is the accessory you need. The clear walls let sunlight filter through and light up the inside of your event tent. The side panels can be slid open or shut depending upon weather conditions.

PVC coloured walls

Use coloured PVC walls with custom graphics along with your custom pop up tent to create the perfect pavilion for your brand in a tradeshow.

Pro-tip: All these accessories are inter-connectable, and can be attached to or taken apart from the tent easily. A nice idea is to combine two opaque walls with two transparent ones. This helps achieve the perfect balance between light and shade.

2. Roof and wall linings

These are decorative accessories that add elegance and class to the inside of your event tent. The roof lining flows in multiple waves overhead, creating a rippling effect. The wall linings lend the side panels a soft texture. These accessories are what you need for events like weddings and corporate parties.

3. Glass doors and windows

Perfect for semi-permanent installations, glass doors and windows come with aluminum frames that fit the side panels of an event tent perfectly. Use them to give your outdoor tent a sturdy look.

4. Wooden and nonslip flooring

Available as a modular cassette system that locks into the frame, the wooden flooring as well as non-slip flooring lends a touch of elegance to the inside of your event tent. If you are not keen on having a natural grass carpet beneath your feet, go for these flooring options. Your guests will appreciate your good taste.

5. Weight Plates

An all-important accessory for hard surfaces where you cannot secure your canopy tent with tent pegs, these galvanised steel weight plates can be used to keep your tent anchored and stable. They are fixed to the tent’s legs easily and you can then use cinderblocks or sandbags to secure your tent.

6. Portable heating solutions

Use portable heating solutions to keep your guests warm on those really cold days.

7. Flags, Banners, letters, buntings and festoons

Festoons are a great addition to the decorations of your canopy tent. Match them with your tent color and string them up with buntings to make your tent look gorgeous. Hanging letters are also a great way of decorating your tent and conveying a message.

Banners are a great way of sending across important messages to your guests. It can be a fun message like ‘Just Married’ or ‘Happy Birthday’. Or, it may be something more business oriented. In fact, banners serve as extremely effective brand promotion tools, with or without tents. If you are a brand owner, consider using PVC banners to advertise your brand.

8. Mason jar lanterns and wind chimes

At first glance, mason jar lanterns might not seem to be a significant addition to your tent’s decoration. But wait until you light them up after sundown! With mellow LED lights inside them, these quaintly beautiful light fixtures make the inside of a tent dreamy and magical. Experiment with light colors to find out what suits you best.

9. Wind chimes

Wind chimes are an age-old treat to wary ears. Their soft tinkling has a mesmeric effect on tired souls. Hang a wind chime at the entrance of your tent and let the drafts play with it. You’ll discover it has the power to soothe your mind.


The accessories mentioned above are the once most widely used along with various types of outdoor tents. But the actual list of products available in the market is pretty exhaustive. Remember, it is always a good idea to buy tent accessories from reputed tent manufacturers because they know what’s best for your tent.

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