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About us

During the past year, FundGuard has grown its product offerings and expanded its global sales organization. In addition to its AI-powered asset servicing enterprise platform, the company has also announced a strategic partnership with State Street. The company has also gotten a number of key strategic investors. FundGuard is a new-generation financial services technology company. Its technology is powered by modern cloud and AI capabilities. Its latest technology enables its clients to reduce fees and offers new products. FundGuard is headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv. Founded in 2018, the company’s mission is to transform asset servicing operations by combining cutting-edge technology and smart, intelligent automation. Its customers include asset managers, insurers, hedge funds, and pension funds. Its latest announcements include the hiring of Greg Farrington, a former CFO of State Street, and the announcement of its newest strategic partner, a leading provider of global wealth management services.

The company has also been recognized by Qumra Capital as one of its Tomorrow’s Top Growth Companies. The company’s asset servicing enterprise platform is powered by the cloud, artificial intelligence, and modern technology. The company’s latest product offerings include customizable thresholds for rules-based trading, and a mobile application that allows managers to add layers of oversight. In addition, FundGuard’s newest product offerings include a crypto-asset management solution that is able to help asset managers add crypto-assets to their portfolios.

Our vision

Powered by AI, FundGuard is a next-generation SaaS platform for investment management, automating fund administration and streamlining workflows. The company identifies anomalies and provides actionable insights, helping fund administrators and asset managers achieve improved investment performance. FundGuard is also cloud-native and allows managers to add layers of oversight to their investment management process. The company recently closed its Series B funding round, raising $40 million. Its investors include Blumberg Capital, Maccabee Ventures, LionBird Ventures and Team8 Capital.

FundGuard aims to break down barriers and streamline processes for investment managers, insurance companies and fund administrators. It offers a fully automated solution to manage investments across asset classes. Its technology enables new products and reduces fees. It also supports digital assets, such as crypto-assets. It is future-ready, so it will adapt to industry changes and evolving needs.

In addition to its investment management platform, FundGuard recently announced an enhanced investment accounting solution. The new product allows managers to review cash, holdings, corporate actions and more, with customizable thresholds for rules-based trading.

Our team

Using AI, FundGuard is able to identify anomalies and auto-resolve them. In turn, FundGuard provides investment funds with actionable insights, a deeper understanding of their investments, and an improved investment performance. It also helps fund administrators manage investments across asset classes.

The FundGuard system is future-ready, and enables new products and services. It is cloud-native and agile, and it delivers intelligence to investment funds. In addition, it is able to provide detailed reviews of holdings, cash, and corporate actions. It is also customizable in terms of rules-based trading thresholds. FundGuard can also identify anomalies and suggest operational improvements. It is designed to help investment funds achieve ground-breaking results.


The FundGuard team has grown significantly over the past year. In fact, the company recently closed a Series A funding round led by Blumberg Capital and Team8. The funds will help the company meet demand from insurers and alternative funds. They will also help drive product development.

The investment will allow FundGuard to continue its rapid growth. In the last year, the company has more than doubled its global team. It has also added key strategic investors.

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