Application of Air Compressor Pdf

When we talk about air compressors, we often refer to mechanical devices that take in air at atmospheric pressure and compress it to a higher pressure. These air compressors are powerful mechanical devices that consume a lot of power. They are used in a wide range of industrial settings, including oil and gas platforms, tunneling equipment, and many other situations.

Air compressors can be classified into two types, reciprocating and rotary. Reciprocal compressors are complex devices, characterized by a large number of reciprocating parts and a complicated construction. They produce uniform torque and can compress air from 1.013 bar to 7 bar. Single-stage reciprocating compressors typically run at 150 rpm and have a 6:1 compression ratio.

The flow rate of an air compressor is typically 50 m3/s. It is also useful for high pressure rises. The mechanical efficiency of a compressor is its ratio of indicated power to power input. The effective suction volume is made up of V1-V4. The clearance volume is the area of the cylinder that is reduced by the piston. This ratio is called the clearance ratio and is denoted with a letter C.

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