Benefits And Risks Of Getting Dental Implants

Did you know tooth decay is a prevalent dental issue in most Americans today? Well, it is! Due to this, getting dental implants has become very common among Americans. Are you one of them? Well, you are at the right place, then! Before getting implants, you should know the associated benefits and risks to determine if you should get them. 

You will be done with the procedure within two hours, but you might have to keep going to the dentist for over 6 months to ensure your implants are not damaged and properly. If you live in Connecticut, getting dental implants Greenwich can be pretty convenient.

What are dental implants?

Due to the action of bacteria or tooth decay, the roots of the teeth are damaged. Since the roots are sensitive, consuming hot, cold, or spicy foods might be uncomfortable for you. In this case, dentists replace the roots with artificial roots, which are nothing but dental implants. An artificial crown will be installed over the roots to restore functionality. They are the best way to get the most natural-looking teeth. But find out if they are really for you.


  • Dental implants are the best way to replace the functionality of teeth. It can also be statistically proven as more than 97% of dental implants last more than 10 years.
  • It is great to avoid bone loss. When you lose your tooth, your jawbone no longer has to support it and is not stressed. Hence, your body breaks down the bone in your body and absorbs some of the tissue. This leads to the wearing down of the bone tissue.
  • If there is a gap in your teeth, the adjacent teeth might move towards it, disturbing the structure of your teeth set. This causes misalignment in the teeth, causing trouble in chewing and speaking in some cases.


  • If you are looking to save money, this is not the best way to replace your tooth’s functionality. This is generally more expensive than all other tooth replacement alternatives.
  • You should also know that dental implants require invasive surgery. There might be some other associated risks that come alongside it.
  • You might find the whole process cumbersome, as you might have to go to your dentist for appointments for 6 to 12 months after your surgery.
  • Some risks associated with the surgery are bleeding, receding gums, infection, and allergy to anesthesia.

These are the pros and cons that are associated with getting dental implants. You should consider all these to ensure you do not regret your decision to get them!

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