Bring Back the Spark: How to Be Creative in Business 

Still looking for ways to bring the spark back to your business? Whether you’ve hit your inspirational block or are just in search of something to rekindle your zeal for your vocation, we are here to guide you through the challenging times everybody experiences at least once in their lifetime. The good news is that since we all occasionally get stuck in a rut, we have also come up with effective ways to cope with it. Keep on reading and anticipate a lot of helpful advice to get you successfully back in the game.

The number one solution to curing the uncalled-for-slump in your business or professional life is creativity.

Get creative

The reason creativity gets so many people out of their low-in-spirit periods is that it feels liberating and novel. It opens doors into one’s character and reveals such refreshing outlooks and behaviors that the person had no idea they were capable of. That is exactly what creativity feels like and does to people; the liberating sensations fill you with fresh ideas both for yourself and your enterprise. 

The most important task here is to find something both innovative and productive to combine together and move your business forward for the better. We have prepared a list of promising and undiscovered fields that perfectly fit the above-set criteria.

Get curious

  •  Go out there into the social, virtual, and every kind of domain and learn about things. But not just things  valuable information and experience that later can be reflective of how you handle your deals. Just to plant a couple of prospective fields of interest in your mind, you could try getting into mentoring.

Why mentoring, you might ask. Well, the reasons are quite evident – it is something studying by which you directly improve the quality of you as a professional leader as well as explore an unfamiliar area to you. You know how the saying goes – two birds with one stone.

You could even consider initiating your own mentoring program and set the beginning to an exciting exchange of ideas and experience in your business. The benefits of a mentoring program and its optimal execution can bring a bouquet of positive changes into the workplace that will leave you grateful for implementing them earlier.  

  • Are you, maybe, interested in bettering your work whilst using the wonders of online technology? Indeed, the mutual benefit and impressive end results of incorporating the digital into your business make it all worthwhile.

There are actually a number of digital tools that every business needs to promote their web presence.

Read on to find out what they are.

  1. Online events – People spend their time online the majority of the time, so why not use that to your advantage? Although, gathering a crowd of potential customers is not all that easy. That being said, if you learn which virtual events actually work you can turn the game around and make the best of the experience. 
  2. Hybrid events – This one is the perfect mix of in-person and virtual events. It might not be entirely digital but in no way does it run inferior in terms of efficiency. The best part of hybrid events is that it is tailored to meet the needs of both your online and on-site audiences. Going through some hybrid event ideas may lend you amazing insight into the fundamentals of such an event and help you find what exactly your business needs.
  3. Management tools – We know how challenging managing a business gets at times. That is why people create to-do lists and keep their planners at hand. But what if we told you there is a better alternative to that? It is one of the many gifts technology has brought to us and it takes the impalpable software form. Dozens of great online task management tools have been created in the past decade to facilitate your job and free up some time in your schedule from constantly organising ideas and reminding yourself of your responsibilities. 

Apart from the essentials, you can also bone up on Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. SEO is exceptionally helpful in driving traffic to your website, hence, the products and services that you are offering. It also enhances the credibility of your work and establishes a beneficial online reputation which in turn helps your business stand out among others. Moreover, SEO gives you an edge over other brands in the competitive market.

  •  Leaving the virtual aspects of running a first-rate business, let us move on to what you can personally do to achieve more authority amidst other enterprises. It is no secret that writing creates a window into one’s mind and thus makes the whole process incredibly introspective and ingenious. Now, imagine combining writing with your business. We know, it will be a revolutionary mix of ideas and strategies which will end up revealing infinite horizons in all respects.

 The rhetoric of your language ultimately determines your position and others’ perception of you in the working environment you are part of. Strong written or spoken communication skills land you opportunities that no other self-promoting qualities can.

Learning to write and speak well in the corporate sector implies being able to organize your thoughts adeptly and express them effectively, use clear and concise language, persuade customers to try a new product, state facts instead of opinions, and offer argumentative insight. All of the said facets play into building a trustworthy, confident, and industrious character in the name of your brand.

An interesting practice that many businesspeople use to refresh their memory of their business is going all the way back to reading the business plan with which they got started in the first place.

Undeniably, any business plan is (or at least should be) the work of a wordsmith laying out the purpose and vision of the company by the usage of adept and competent writing skills. This exercise is helpful in that you return to where you began, to the time where you just took your first steps and they were reflected in your business plan. Just like anything else, in hindsight you can discern much more than when you are in the moment of the action. The same applies to your business plan: go back and assess it, analyze the language, structure, formatting, and most importantly your ideas.

Once you remind yourself of the primal mission of your business, not only will you be thrilled like you were at the very outset but will also make some tweaks to the plan put together by your a little less experienced but equally excited self. You can have a business plan consultant assess your revised business plan to really give the most forward-driving boost to your business and loads of confidence to yourself.

It is amazing what the comparison between your old and present versions will do. We do not always notice or even acknowledge how far we have come but simply glancing at where you started and where you are at now will inevitably awaken your most stimulated self. It will take you back to all the reasons that led you to launch a business and you will feel the intense drive of the cause you once felt; only this time it will be accompanied by the knowledge and expertise you have accumulated thus far.

  •  Try the Whys method. This one is applicable to your workplace as well. This an exercise that you can engage in alongside with your employees. It is more of a collective effort that will leave everybody as energized as after reading a bar of chocolate (we all know how chocolate affects us).

The Whys method is a tool for problem-solving that helps to identify situations’ root causes. By employing this method, you can keep investigating an issue for as long as it requires you to find and understand its underlying causes.

The approach begins as follows:

Ø  What is the problem?

This is the first question to be asked to define the issue from the get-go. 

Ø  Why is there a problem?

This question essentially raises the reason the problem exists.

Ø  Why do we care?

It is important to understand the reasons why staff should care about the issue.

Ø  Why will this be beneficial?

The fourth why will help discern the benefits of bringing the problem to a resolution.

Ø  Why do we do it?

This one is specific to each action and measure taken towards solving the issue. It is critical that everybody realizes why the situation is handled in a certain way.

The incorporation of this technique into the workplace will do wonders for everybody. You will be impressed at how easily and efficiently difficulties get navigated. The five Whys will bring novelty both into your and your personnel’s problem-solving toolkit and excite everybody more to explore other methods of the like. 

We hope you can now see how many shapes and forms the expression and exercise of creativity can take. Take what works best for you from the list – although, that is something that you won’t know unless you try everything we listed. Nevertheless, when you see the candle going out all you have to do is light it up again.

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