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ABBE Glasses has been a leader in the online eyewear industry for more than a decade. Their professional prescription glasses and sunglasses come at competitive prices, giving customers access to stylish eyewear at unbeatable value.

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On their website, you can purchase prescription glasses for just $6.95 (including frames and lenses). Plus, use code FREEABBE to get your first pair free!


ABBE Glasses offers an expansive selection of frames in various shapes, colors and sizes. Choose from popular square, rectangle, aviator, geometric or browline styles. You can also find cheap glasses on ABBE Glasses.

Selecting the ideal frame for your face shape requires consideration of several factors, including temple length and frame width.

Another factor to consider is lens material. Different lens materials have their own properties which affect how much light disperses and refracts through them.

Polycarbonate is a popular lens material due to its UV blocking and shatter resistance properties.

Polycarbonate lenses typically have a low Abbe value, which may lead to chromatic aberration and create colored halos around lights.

Trivex is a relatively new lens material with the same ultraviolet blocking and shatter resistance properties as polycarbonate, but with an abbe value higher (43-45). This can help prevent chromatic aberrations.


When selecting lenses for a pair of glasses, there are several factors to consider: your patient’s preferences and budget; as well as factors like Abbe value and index of refraction.

Polycarbonate, for instance, is often chosen for eyeglass frames due to its lightweight and impact resistance. Unfortunately, however, it’s prone to scratching so most eyeglasses come with a protective coating on top.

Trivex is another lens option, boasting a higher Abbe value than polycarbonate but being lighter and thinner. It’s often used for rimless frames since drilling holes into it is easier and resists cracking around the edges of the drill bit.

The Abbe value of a lens material is an important factor in determining the amount of chromatic aberration, or visual disturbances caused by light. Chromatic aberration can be an issue for those with strong prescriptions, particularly.


Adjustable glasses are an ideal way to ensure a secure fit for your eyes, plus they’re easy to alter if needed for any reason.

Selecting lenses for glasses is a complex process that necessitates some understanding of lens materials and their characteristics. It’s essential to comprehend how each material affects light dispersion, distortion, reflectance and more when selecting your lenses. IF you are looking for cute glasses visit ABBE Glasses.

Polycarbonate, the most popular lens material for glasses, is lightweight and impact-resistant. Unfortunately, it has a low Abbe value which may pose problems to individuals sensitive to chromatic aberrations.


ABBE Glasses is an affordable yet high-quality eyeglass brand. They offer frames in all shapes and sizes, including rimless designs.

The company provides a 14-day money back guarantee; however, some customers have reported difficulty reaching customer service representatives.

Additionally, some of their products have a low-quality rating. One reviewer stated that the glasses he ordered were scratched.

They offer an extensive range of accessories such as clip-on sunglasses, cases and eyeglass chains. Furthermore, they have a 14-day return policy which is an impressive feature.

Their best-selling frame is the Mercury, featuring a modern design and large lens with magnetic hinges. They offer 4 frame sizes from XS to M, but it’s important that you select the right fit for your face. To determine this correct size, measure your face using an inexpensive measuring tape.

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