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Using artificial intelligence to drive their platform, Cresta provides real-time insights to management and coaching for agents in the middle of a call. In a recent announcement, the company announced its latest voice platform, the Cresta 50m Series Sequoia. The new voice solution can also connect with Amazon Connect, making it easier for customers to buy products.

Cresta’s platform is driven by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a key part of Cresta’s business model, and it is making contact centers more productive. The company has built a platform to use AI to turn its agents into experts, elevating the customer experience while growing their business. The company is backed by world-class investors and has industry-leading AI experts on its team.

The company’s latest release is a real-time intelligence platform that turns conversational data into actionable insights. The software features a chatbot and advanced natural language understanding to group conversations according to common themes. This ensures that companies can gain insights from their customer interactions and make informed decisions.

Customers are reporting a 10% sales increase, a two-fold reduction in ramp time, and a 15% improvement in CSAT. The artificial intelligence platform also enables real-time agent performance visibility, real-time online coaching, and workflow optimization. With the help of these tools, customer service agents can save up to five hours per week performing repetitive tasks.

Cresta has been backed by several notable names in the tech industry, including Salesforce and Google. Enam and Thrun first met while pursuing their PhDs at Stanford, where they focused on the impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace. Enam believes that having a small, 30-person team will allow Cresta to give every customer more individual attention. The startup has raised more than $20 million, and recently closed a $15 million Series A round.

Cresta’s AI platform guides contact center agents, providing personalized coaching and real-time prompts at pivotal moments. The system also monitors customer behavior and identifies valuable automation opportunities. For example, the system ensures that agents ask the right discovery questions at the start of a conversation. It also makes sure that agents ask the right questions at key turning points.

The AI tools that Cresta developed are already helping retailers improve their sales. For example, one major retailer that relied on chat and phone to make sales has found that their sales increase by 24% in just two weeks of using the platform. The AI tools have also helped salespeople become more productive.

It offers real-time insights to management

Cresta’s flagship product, the 50m Series Sequoia, delivers real-time insights to management to improve business processes and drive revenue growth. The software ingests live conversations from agents and prompts them with real-time suggestions. It can benchmark agents with top performers and amplify best practices across the floor. This intelligent customer engagement platform also automates agent workflows and opens the appropriate software tool for each task. And, because the system is integrated with the contact center software, it can be implemented quickly and provides rich training data.

The platform also gives managers and supervisors a real-time view of customer interactions and enables them to provide coaching and quality assurance. The AI-powered dashboard allows managers to view scores, analyze conversations, and develop personalized coaching plans. It can also integrate with Slack and Microsoft Teams to streamline communication with agents and managers.

It automates agent processes

A modern contact centre needs the right technology to stay competitive. With the right technology, agents can provide a better customer experience and drive higher conversion rates. Agents can use the right software to automate processes such as filling out tickets, making orders, validating accounts, and much more.

With Cresta’s Real-Time AI, agents can quickly increase the quality of their customer interactions and improve their performance. The system also automatically detects areas for improvement and sends live alerts to agents. Moreover, it uses AI to tailor agent coaching to each conversation and aligns it to the behaviors that drive the best outcomes.

With real-time coaching and guidance, Cresta AI searches through multiple knowledge articles and surfaces the most appropriate course of action during the conversation. The software can even baseline top performers and amplify best practices across the floor. The system also automates the agent workflow by opening the appropriate software tool for each activity.

AI is a natural fit for contact centers. Many companies are already using AI for customer service. Uniphore, for example, announced a $140 million investment to develop software that analyzes voice and video calls. Meanwhile, Talkdesk launched an AI contact center trainer. While these technologies aren’t perfected yet, they are showing promise.

The new funding will allow Cresta to grow. The company will use the funds to further develop its artificial intelligence platform, the Cresta Expertise Engine. The company has a board of directors that includes former AT&T CEO John Donovan and Google X founder Sebastian Thrun.

It offers call real-time middle coaching

Cresta’s AI-Director technology, which automatically identifies key moments in a conversation, allows supervisors to review a call and reinforce the important behaviors that were observed. This technology can help companies improve their customer experiences and increase their conversion rates. It has helped customers drive millions of additional dollars in revenue.

Using AI-powered coaching and assistance, Cresta’s new 50m Sequoia Voice platform enables customer service and sales teams to achieve their goals. Its capabilities span from real-time agent service to call transcription and learning base solutions. Earthlink, for example, has partnered with the company to implement the technology.

Cresta for Voice is a turnkey solution for phone-based teams that delivers tangible business results in just weeks. It includes real-time agent assistance, call transcription, dynamic reminders for key agent behaviors, and rapid access to knowledge base answers. Cresta’s solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies, including Porsche, Intuit, and Cox Communications. Some of its clients have experienced a twenty percent conversion rate increase and 25 percent higher average order value. Several of them have even realized millions of dollars in additional revenue in just a few weeks.


Cresta has raised $50 million in a series B round led by Sequoia Capital. Sequoia’s Carl Eschenbach has also joined the company’s board of directors. With this funding, Cresta will continue to develop its AI-powered platform and offer real-time middle coaching to its customers.

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