Extensive Timeline Of Medical Marijuanas In Australia & Why You Should Consider It

It took a while for medical marijuanas in Australia to get to where it is today. Historically, cannabis has had different stigmas associated with the drug previously deemed dangerous to consume. However, with recent updates in scientific research, they have found that the substance may alleviate and benefit patients with specific chronic conditions.

From chronic pain and insomnia to anxiety, there is an endless list of illnesses that medical marijuanas in Australia can help in some way. But it wasn’t always seen this way before.

The following article will dive deep into the long-awaited history of medical marijuanas in Australia and how it has developed into the current healthcare phenomenon. Here’s all you need to know below.

History Of Medical Marijuanas In Australia

Before medical marijuanas in Australia became a staple healing treatment, cannabis was introduced to Sydney in 1788, the year of the First Fleet. English Botanist & Naturalist Sir Joseph Banks was the first to plant hemp seeds shortly after arrival. He believed that hemp would be widely used as a sustainable resource for the Australian population and economy.

It was then that the cannabis plant was cultivated originally for industrious use. Hemp was initially made to create tools for sailors, such as cables, ropes, and sails. During the 1800s, it was the first case of medical marijuanas in Australia to help illnesses such as epilepsy to urinary tract infections. It was made available for use during this time and was a primary source of crops in the country until 1925.

In 1925, the Geneva Convention led to legislation banning cocaine, opium, and cannabis, shape-shifting the stigma around using the substance. Cannabis was added to the bill last minute because of little understanding surrounding the drug, its benefits, and the influence of other nations to include it on the ban list. Medical marijuanas in Australia were then still being researched for science, permitting cultivation until it was illegal to possess the drug in 1960.

By the late 19th century, the drug was prohibited in Egypt & Turkey, claiming people of the poor class consumed it.

Around the US, propaganda surrounded African Americans and Mexicans on the connection between drug addiction and physically abusive behaviors. This led to widespread moral panic, even transforming their opinion over consuming medical marijuanas in Australia.

In Recent Times

The US War On Drugs was a significant reason for the delayed push for medical marijuanas in Australia. We now understand that there were many mixed messages about the herb, which has recently been resolved by scientific research.

By the 2010s, we saw a massive shift whereby national acts were passed to permit the production of cannabis across the country. In 2015, Tasmania approved the Industrial Hemp Act, and in 2016, they modified the harvesting of cannabis and that year alone, it became legalised.

In 2019-2020, ACT worked to legalise cannabis for recreational purposes. By 2022, over 161,000 cannabis patients were approved to make medical marijuanas in Australia a highly desired health alternative to most traditional treatments.

While we have made leaps and bounds, more research is needed before the substance can become accepted as an alternative treatment to other chronic conditions. For this reason, it is essential to speak to your healthcare provider to ensure you receive the correct dosage and treatment to prevent adverse side effects.


The expansion of medical marijuanas in Australia has made a big journey to get where it is today. With the way it’s going, we know there will be more to look forward to.

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