Features and benefits of Toyota Estima Aeras 2012

The second-generation Toyota Estima Aeras – a popular model that has consistently ranked high among Japanese minivans since it went on sale in January 2000 – first received a partial facelift in 2006. This upgrade can be called generally accepted for successful models. Efforts were made in all directions – interior decoration, equipment maintenance and mechanisms.

Best People Movers: main characteristics of Toyota Estima

Toyota Aeras Estima has the following technical characteristics:

  • 7-seater body:
  • Length 4795 mm; width 1800 mm; height 1745 mm.
  • Wheelbase: 2950 mm.
  • Machine weight: 1830 kg.
  • Drive: front wheels.
  • Engine: 3.5-liter, 6-cylinder V-shaped cylinder, developed power 280 hp at 6200 rpm, the highest torque is 35.1 kg/m at 4700 rpm.

A distinctive feature of the new Toyota Estima Aeras is that this car has never before been equipped with a 3.5-liter engine with six V-shaped cylinders. Driving functions of this model, where sportiness and comfort are so skillfully balanced, is not to be complained about!

Toyota Aeras Estima: Exterior

In terms of appearance, the front bumper, radiator grille and areas around the headlights are redesigned, then the car acquired “sharper facial features.” In addition, the rear brake lights also received a luxurious design with reflector LEDs. At the same time, in the current modernization, it is impressive that the new front design further emphasizes the characteristic features of Toyota Estima Aeras 2012.

This modification uses original pneumatic parts, and in line with the course on sportiness, the running gear has also been strengthened. The chassis of the Aeras is unified with the European version of the Estima, and in fact, the movement of the Aeras has an excellent balance between comfort and handling.

With this partial modernization, the Aeras S modification was added to the lineup as a sporty option. It comes standard with 17-inch wheels, special lowered suspension, working links for added strength front and rear, and Steer Shiftomatic for quick steering and manual shifting. Best People Movers service offers a wide range of Japanese used vehicles, including Estima models. Specialists will help you choose the best option depending on your needs and finances.

Interior of Toyota Estima Aeras 2012

Toyota Estima Aeras In terms of internal equipment and functionality, one can say that Estima caught up with competitors who started later in one jerk. Now there is a choice of material for genuine leather seats, as well as numerous amenities possibilities. For example, there is a controlled driver’s seat, an automatic sliding door not only from the left front seat (as it was before), but also on the other side, an audio equipment switch on the steering wheel, and seat lift levers are added behind their backs.

Moreover, a lightweight Toyota Aeras Estima body has been created to take care of pedestrians and a brake booster is standard on all vehicles. In addition, it is good news that the original navigation system has become compatible with the G-BOOK program. The front panel inside the cabin is now perceived differently. Here, for example, is the central instrument cluster, which is always considered the most important part of the front panel. In its former form, it had a rounded shape, while now it is dominated by straight lines, which makes it look somewhat angular. As for the dashboard, it is stretched horizontally. The large free space resulting from this arrangement is one of the attractive features when choosing Toyota Estima Aeras 2012!

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