FundGuard Raised $16 Million Through GoFundMe

Using an AI-powered software-as-a-service platform, FundGuard has been able to raise over $16 million to date. Its platform will help entrepreneurs and startups get more from their investments. In addition, the company is working to expand its technology to other areas, including education and financial advice.

About FundGuard

Earlier this year, FundGuard announced that it had made a splashy move. Not only did the company announce that it has hired industry veterans as its new sales director and president, it also announced that it had made a splashy investment. The new investment will help spur product development. In addition, it will help meet the demand for new and improved financial services products from insurance companies and alternative fund managers.


The company also rolled out an enhanced investment accounting solution. The company is also promoting its newest product: a cloud-based investment fund management platform. This slick new solution allows fund administrators to add layers of oversight, streamline workflows and manage investments across asset classes. It also has an impressive suite of AI capabilities, including the ability to perform investment news research and perform anomaly detection.

Total funding raised to date: over $16 million


Hundreds of thousands of people from across the United States have donated over $16 million to a local committee that will be used to support the families of victims of the Uvalde shooting. The fund is being collected through a GoFundMe account. The committee wants to wait at least two months before the money is distributed.


Looker Data Sciences, a two-year-old company that helps businesses analyze data, has secured $16 million in early-stage funding from investors including Sequoia and Accel. This funding will enable Looker to continue building its team and accelerating its growth. It will also allow Looker to offer new products to companies and organizations.


The fund will also enable Parler, a social media and viewpoint-neutral social network, to build a leading free speech technology platform. Parler also announced that it has acquired a private cloud company, Dynascale, to support its infrastructure division. Parler plans to use the funding to build a cohesive portfolio of technology platforms and to expand its R&D capabilities.



Earlier this year, FundGuard, a new investment management platform, announced a new enhanced investment accounting solution. The company also announced support for digital assets. The aforementioned product will help asset managers administer investments, streamline workflows, and bolster reporting, among other things. The company also has a sizable footprint in Israel. The company has hired industry veterans as sales directors, including Alan Schneider, who spent his earlier years at Citi and Citi Ventures, and Kirk Littleton, who led the trading platform sales at InvestCloud and SunGard.


Using AI and machine learning, FundGuard delivers the latest in investment management technology. The company is headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv, with more than 50 employees in Israel. The platform manages mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment products, including those that use digital assets. The platform also executes reporting, reconciliation, and exception management.

AI-powered software-as-a-service


Founded by Lior Yogev, FundGuard is an AI-powered SaaS investment management platform for fund managers and administrators. It enables managers to add additional layers of oversight, streamline workflows, and generate actionable insights. FundGuard is cloud-native, allowing managers to perform reporting, reconciliation, and exception management. It also supports operations automation and digital transformation. The platform is built to support AI-based insights, including anomaly detection, portfolio validation checks, and cash and holdings reviews. FundGuard also provides customizable thresholds for rules-based trading.


FundGuard is backed by several venture capital firms, including Blumberg Capital, LionBird Ventures, Team8, Maccabee Ventures, Mindset Ventures, and others. Its client list includes State Street Corp., Citi Securities Services, and other leading financial institutions. It also supports investment firms, insurance companies, and alternative funds.

Key takeaways


During the recent Mind the Tech conference, FundGuard, a provider of SaaS investment funds operating systems, announced major growth milestones over the past year. In addition, the company has more than doubled its global team and launched a number of new products and features. The company also unveiled a new strategic partnership with State Street.



FundGuard, backed by LionBird Capital, Citigroup and Team8 Capital, is a SaaS investment funds operating system that utilizes artificial intelligence and modern cloud technologies to improve investment management operations and lower fees. Using artificial intelligence to detect and mitigate exceptions and suggest operations improvements, FundGuard’s system is a technological game changer in the asset management industry. The company’s platform is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate all major fund administration platforms. The company’s technology also enables new product offerings such as crypto-asset services.

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