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The 18 Genie series is a massive crowdfunding project that raised more than $3.25 billion from investors in just two months. The game features a virtual, portable identity, called a genie. It also comes with a secondary digital goods market. For example, you can buy a Bitcoin-inspired spacesuit and spirit animal creature head collections. If you’re a fan of fantasy, you can also buy a fantastical warrior outfit.

Genies raises more than $3.25 billion

After raising $65 million, Genies will use the funds to create an avatar creator that will enable users to express their identity virtually. The company hopes to be the first company to offer complete virtual identities to users. It also hopes to become the first company to digitize celebrities, allowing them to earn even when they can’t travel.

The investment round was led by Bond, a venture capital firm, along with the former Kleiner Perkins Digital Growth Fund head Mary Meeker. The funds will be used to expand the digital goods market on the Dapper Lab Flow platform, which uses non-fungible tokens to create unique digital items using the blockchain.

Currently, Genies is beta testing their platform to a larger group of consumers. The company recently raised $65 million in Series B funding. The funding will be used to further develop the company’s technology and engineering department. The funding will also allow Genies to focus on bringing its platform to the mainstream.

Genies is a digital avatar startup based in Los Angeles. It makes and sells virtual avatars that can be used in social networking sites and video games. The company is valued at $1 billion. The funding includes participation from existing investors. The company’s products are aimed at users in Gen Z and will help them connect with their peers in different social environments.

Genies has been developing its avatar platform for a while. Last year, it entered into exclusive partnerships with Universal Music Group and Warner Music. With the funding, Genies plans to expand its platform and create a unique avatar identity platform for their users. They are also working with celebrities on their avatars.

The company hopes to make the avatar creator tool accessible to mass consumers. The beta version is still in beta, but users will be able to create their own avatars, fashion collections, and even their own homes. All these tools give creators full ownership over their creations, which will allow them to start new brands and develop shows. photeeq photeeq

Genies plans to launch hundreds of partnerships in the coming year. Its app will allow users to create their own digital avatars and sell them on the market. It will also offer limited edition digital goods through its marketplace. It has also partnered with Giphy, an animated GIF search engine with 700 million users. The animated GIF is linked to internet memes.

Its creator tools are coming soon

The creator tools for the 18 genies series will make it easier to customize the avatars in the game. The tools will include tools for changing colors and textures. The tools will also allow you to purchase and sell items in the Genies Warehouse. You can apply to sell your creations in the Genies universe, but you must be invited to participate in the beta program.

3D avatars

The new 3D avatar SDK will allow users to create, share, and transport their virtual avatars. The company plans to expand its partnerships with companies such as Giphy and Gucci to create a digital identity ecosystem. It also plans to use the SDK to create a platform that enables consumers to use these avatars. The goal is to create a “mini-metaverse” where avatars can become part of the social experience.

The company’s first release of avatars came a couple of years ago. The company has signed up more celebrities in recent months, which has fueled a huge growth in the usage of the app. The avatars will be more realistic than the 2D cartoon versions. The avatars will wear clothing, belts, and other accessories. It plans to release these 3D avatars to consumers later this year.

The new avatars will support augmented reality, and will also allow players to perform parkour maneuvers. The company is also planning to spend $5 million from the avatar sale to create a treasury for the community. The company is not targeting millions of users, but rather a niche of ten or twenty dedicated users.

In addition to the new avatars, there will be a marketplace where users can create custom avatars. Users can choose the type of hairstyle, body type, clothing, and fantastical accessories for their avatars. Genies’ marketplace will also offer limited edition digital goods.


If you’re familiar with the 18 Genie’s series, then you may have heard about the coming metaverse. This upcoming technology has generated a lot of hype, confusion, and misinformation. But the technology is a potential nirvana for technophiles: it will allow you to take part in any physical or digital world and experience anything.

To start, let’s look at how this technology might be used in games. As one example, there is the “Rival Peak” game, which is a massively multiplayer online game. It has become wildly popular on Facebook and YouTube, and it features a “Survivor”-style competition between AI characters.

The metaverse is like the early days of television, motion pictures, and the web. It’s a vast communication medium with millions of participants. In order for it to be successful, it needs to be fun for the participants. To do that, it needs to be a tool that enables people to engage with one another and solve a problem.

The technology for creating the metaverse has been evolving rapidly. This evolution was accelerated by the growing use of cloud computing, the rapid development of AI, the development of 5G networks, and advances in AR and VR. This new technology has also helped facilitate a more collaborative environment.

The company behind the 18 Genie’s series, Meta, is one company that is looking to capitalize on this trend. Although its product is not a full-fledged version of the metaverse, it’s a major player in the VR headset market. And the company behind it plays an important role in the development of chipsets for headsets.


Genies’ customization tools will allow users to customize purchased items, as well. The new feature is part of its digital marketplace, which is empowering the intersection of NFT technology and culture. The platform will also feature the art of fashion photographers such as Illumitati, who has more than one million followers, and the work of TikTok sensation Tati Bruening.


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