Handle Remote Team Management Successfully with WebWork

What is WebWork?

WebWork is a time tracking and employee monitoring tool that is designed to simplify remote work management. It helps Managing Remote Teams work and remote employees to ensure they are devoting enough time to work. 

It also assists in identifying remote management risks and addressing them without distance being an issue.

WebWork is initially a time tracker with screenshots as it tracks time while capturing the user’s screen, given the necessary permission. The purpose of this functionality is to make sure managers are aware of remote work being done correctly and properly. This way they do not have to guess what stage a project is at as they can always access the screenshots and find whatever they need in a matter of minutes. 

Similarly, it is also a remote employee monitoring tool. Other than tracking time and taking screenshots, WebWork also monitors app and website usage, attendance, activity and productivity levels, and turns these data into reports. As a result, all remote work information is available to managers from anywhere in the world. 

What are the risks of remote team management?

Time management issues because of less surveillance 

One of the biggest risks of remote work is decline in disciplined time management. When working from the office, employees have to adhere to a set schedule. Plus, they are in the office and being in the office means having to work while there. 

However, when working remotely, especially from home, there is no direct surveillance over work hours. That’s when there is a risk that some employees will either work less or even more than is required. 

How WebWork helps

In fact, neither working less nor too much are healthy, one for the company, the other for the employee’s health. That’s why and that’s when WebWork can help. 

WebWork tracks your remote team’s work time and makes the tracked information available to you. All that your team has to do is install the tracker and start working. You can set up your preferred features and the tracker will function based on them. 

With the right settings on, the tracker will start automatically when your employees turn on their devices and will stop after the set minutes of inactivity. 

Difficulty maintaining work-life balance 

The previous risk may cause difficulty in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. For some employees, remote work means working from home. 

The place where they used to find peace after work, is now the place where they have to live with work. As a result, there is a high chance that both will suffer. 

How WebWork helps

WebWork has a solution for that. The feature called Work-Life Balance is designed to ensure personal life does not suffer when working from home. 

You as the owner of the workspace, need to first give the necessary instructions to WebWork. Instructions such as the latest acceptable working hour or the acceptable number of hours to work outside of schedule, and more. 

Other than these settings, each employee can choose their own settings, such as what they want to do more of during working hours and after working hours.

Based on these two types of settings, WebWork will give your employees regular reminders, so that they don’t forget about work-life balance

Misunderstandings in communication and collaboration

When all team members work from different parts of the world, there may be a risk of misunderstandings in communication and collaboration. 

First of all, remote work affects communication, cause when in the office, teams can gather at any moment and discuss whatever they need. Or even two people can go to each other’s desk and ask something. 

This process is not the same in remote work. While informal communication can be held through different messaging apps, the same cannot always work for professional communication. 

How WebWork helps

To mitigate this risk, WebWork has built-in communication tools, Team Chat and Video Calls. When team members have an issue to discuss, they can hop onto the Team Chat, discuss it, even share it from the Tasks of WebWork. If the issue requires more attention, your team can go straight to Video Calls and have a quick meeting, all while staying on WebWork. 

Challenges in providing training and support to new employees 

When hiring new staff while your company is completely remote, training might take longer than usual. And if a curated system is not used, training may not be as productive. This is also connected with the previous risk, which is a lack of effective communication. 

How WebWork helps

WebWork solves this risk by centralizing all work in one place. You can organize the training process on the Task Management of WebWork and the communication on Team Chat and Video Calls. 

This way everything will be organized, and new employees will know where to find answers to their questions and how to keep in touch with their training colleagues. 

To sum up

Remote team management can be quite difficult without a well-thought system. The main issue being distance, remote work can pose risks for time management, work-life balance, communication, onboarding, and more. WebWork solves these issues by offering a centralized place, where remote teams can organize work, track time, communicate and collaborate. 

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