How to Edit a PDF Completely Without Damaging the Format

Giving presentations helps to strengthen knowledge and confidence. A good presentation must include text, illustrations, graphics, and links. All such things can only be incorporated in PDF format because it is the safe platform for every type of data. However, making changes in PDF files is not possible without the best PDF editor.

A good PDF editing tool will help you make edits to your PDF and also enable you to make a slideshow of it. It will also provide the presentation accessories like a laser pointer for delivering an excellent presentation. In this article, we will introduce you to an extraordinary PDF editor and elaborate on how you can edit your PDF in no time.

Part 1: How a PDF Editor Helps to Retain the Document Quality and Format?

PDF editor is gaming changing tool that is helping millions of students and professionals by improving their work productivity. Mostly, it is seen that formatting gets distorted whenever a document is opened on a new device or software. Moreover, the quality of the illustrations or graphics also disturbs a lot when making edits to the document.

It is best to have the PDF editor to keep a distance from such bundlers. The important thing it does is preserve the quality and format of the document. No change in any aspect will happen when you open a document in a PDF editor for editing. Additionally, such a tool allows you to add a password to the file, so no one can change the file formatting or content in the future.

Part 2: The Best Affordable PDF Editor of 2023 for Students and Small Businesses

Are you looking for a cost-effective and feature-rich tool for retaining the quality and format of your document? You are at the right place, then. UPDF is a fast, reliable, and secure PDF editor that can make great reforms to your file. This productive tool quickly and professionally resolves all PDF-related issues. By using UPDF, you can make outstanding presentations, eye-catching comic books, and scroll-stopping albums.

Features of the World’s Best PDF Editor- UPDF

After reading the above introduction, for sure you will be eager to learn about the delightful features of this tool. In the following, we have provided details about the popularly used features of UPDF. Let’s dive in to explore:

1. Versatile Editor

The editing feature of this tool is capable of editing text, images, or links present in the document. You can easily connect different pages to your PDF by adding links. It also allows you to add watermarks in different styles to make the PDF personalized. Bored with the background color of your e-book? Go change its background with your favorite color or image by using this best PDF editor.

2. Amazing Annotator

You can change a boring storybook to an interesting comic book by adding the stickers, shapes, and stamps provided by UPDF. Moreover, students can add comments to the PDF in the form of a textbox or text callouts and highlight the important points using the color pointer or highlighter. Adding handwritten or electronic signatures to the challans or bank receipts is also possible.

3. Powerful Organizer

Does your document need to be organized? You can do that too in no time with the Organize feature of this PDF editor. Rotate, delete, reorder, rearrange, and add PDF pages in just one go. Above all, pages can be split into multiple pages and cropped to any size without any effort.

4. Fast Converter

UPDF editor allows you to convert the format of the document without compromising its quality. The PDF file can be easily converted to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, RTF, and many more. It also supports different image formats, which means you can change PDF documents to image formats such as TIFF, BMP, or PNG.

5. OCR Technology

The advanced feature of UPDF is OCR technology, which allows users to make any scanned picture or handwritten note editable and searchable. Apart from that, you can also make your PDF non-searchable and non-editable by converting it into an image-only PDF with the help of MCR technology.

Part 3: How to Edit a PDF File with the Best PDF Editor

Anyone can easily use the above-mentioned features because UPDF has a user-friendly interface. However, if you want to learn how to edit a PDF on Mac and Windows using this best PDF editor, then go through the following steps:

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Open the PDF File

Open UPDF on your device and drag the PDF file which you want to edit. Drop it in the “Open File” section to proceed further.

Step 2: Edit the PDF Text

Go to the “Edit PDF” icon and move the cursor to the text. Double-click on the text to enable editing. Now, you can edit the text in a different color, size, or style. It is also possible to remove the unwanted text by selecting it and pressing the “Delete” key.

Step 3: Edit the PDF Image

If you want to edit the image, double-click on it. A toolbar will pop up around it, and the tools present in the bar can rotate, replace, extract, and delete the selected image.

Step 4: Edit the PDF Link

To edit a web or page link, select it and then hit on the parameter bar. Different options will appear, which you can change, like link style, type, thickness, and border color. It also allows you to change the page number or website link of the selected link. After editing your document, press “Ctrl + S” to save changes on Windows and “Command + S” for MacBook.

Part 4: Comparison of UPDF and Adobe Acrobat – Which PDF Editor is the Best for Users

While surfing the internet for the best PDF editor, a list of PDF editors comes across. Many get puzzled about what to choose and what to reject. To make things clear for you, different comparative properties are given below, which will help you to land on the single PDF editing tool:

1. Speed & Stability

Both these properties are in high demand because everyone wants to increase productivity. UPDF wins the game by providing the fastest system for editing. You will encounter no lags or bugs while using it, which is impossible in the case of Adobe Acrobat. Moreover, each feature is professionally set up at precise locations to prevent you from wasting time searching for tools.

2. Interactive Interface

Its interface is quite user-friendly and delightful. Each feature is given a beautiful icon and eye-catching color. You require no technical support for editing or annotating the PDF because this tool is easy to use. In comparison, Adobe Acrobat holds a dull interface that is difficult to understand and boring to use.

3. Efficient Price

UPDF is a cost-efficient editing tool, while Adobe Acrobat is more costly. You have to pay $239.88/year to avail the features of Adobe Acrobat Pro. However, compared to this price, the amount of UPDF premium features is quite less. Moreover, for multiple platforms, you just have to buy a single account of UPDF.


To cut a long story short, UPDF is the world’s best PDF editor because of its powerful features. This delightful editing tool is not only cost-efficient but also secure and reliable. Compared to Adobe Acrobat, its interface is well-organized and easy to understand. Start using UPDF now for making amazing amendments in PDF files.

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