How to Find Installment Loans for Bad Credit

People with damaged credit scores always have a hard time getting loans from lenders, banks, and other services. It’s the same case with people who do not have any credit history to prove that they are reliable when handling debt. In these cases, the lenders and banks do not have enough basis to rely on these people to pay back the loans, so they just do not make their borrowing services available to them.

Bad credit loans are the only options that are available for people in these situations. Many platforms have these offers, for instance, you can find online installment loans for bad credit on WeLoans. As these offers do not require a good credit score, it is common for lenders to use other data to verify the user’s capacity to pay back the debt.

This article covers all the details about getting installment loans with bad credit, where to find them and whether or not they are a good choice for you.

What Are Installment Loans?

Just as the name implies, installment loans are a debt plan that requires the borrower to pay back the loan in installments. Student loans, auto loans, mortgages, and many other popular borrowing packages are installment loan agreements.

These credit packages are a great deal for most people because they get to collect the money they need on the spot, but they don’t have to pay it back as a full sum at once. As they keep earning, they pay it back in installments over time, so it doesn’t become a huge burden. For furher information about installment loans, you can turn to Nabila Yusuf, the financial writer of WeLoans.

How Do Installment Loans work?

When a person is looking to get an installment loan, they go to a financial lender or a bank and make the application. Before granting the loan, the lender will assess the individual’s capacity to repay the loan as the agreement requires.

Lenders can offer either a secured loan or an unsecured loan. A secured loan is tied to some property as collateral. For instance, with a mortgage on a house, the house is used as the collateral for the mortgage, and ownership of the house would move to the bank or lender, where the borrower fails to pay up their debt when it is due.

An unsecured loan, on the other hand, does not require any collateral. In this case, lenders often make use of the borrower’s credit history to determine whether or not to enter a debt agreement with them. People with poor credit histories will be barred from accessing debt agreements on most lending platforms. However, there are also services like WeLoans that do not require credit checks for giving out loans.

Once the agreement has been made between the borrower and the financial lender, the borrower gets the amount they need, and they have to start paying back the entire amount in small bits for a specified period of time. In most cases, payment is required monthly. The monthly charge is part payment for the entire loan, along with some interest on the loan. In most cases, the agreement allows the borrower to pay back the entire loan at once if they can.

Are Installment Loans Available for Bad Credit Borrowers?

Most of the time, with installment loans, you either need collateral or a good credit history to access the debt package. However, because there are so many people with bad credit histories or even no credit history at all, you can find platforms like WeLoans that helps with loans for bad credit, click here to know more about WeLoans.

Lenders that give these offers use other methods to track users’ capacity to repay the debt instead of credit scores. The process for registering and applying here is also a lot easier than on platforms that require collateral or checking the users’ credit scores. However, it is possible for these plans to come with higher interest rates than you will find on other platforms.

Also, secured installment loans might not require good credit scores because there is little risk for the lender. If the borrower fails to pay up when it is due, the lender will take possession of the property used as collateral for the loan.

How to Find Bad Credit Installment Loans?

Loans for users with bad credit scores are all together with the other types of loans. When searching, you should just be on the lookout for terms like “no credit checks” and similar terms that suggest that the lender is not concerned with your credit score.

Most platforms that help getting access to this type of loan are online brokers like WeLoans, so you can start by searching online. If you are looking for a secured loan with no credit checks, you can find them with banks and credit unions.

Benefits and Demerits of Installment Loans

Getting installment loans, even with bad credit, can be just the perfect package for many people who need to pay off a huge amount at once. However, is it safe and financially healthy to get these loans with a bad credit history? We examined the benefits and demerits of these packages here.


  • Easy to access and receive funding
  • Variety of payment options
  • Can improve credit score
  • Accessible for people with bad credit scores


  • Easy access can be abused
  • Expensive interest rates on loan
  • Hidden add-on loan charges

Should You Get Installment Loans if You Have Bad Credit?

If the loan serves a good purpose and you can afford to pay it back according to the terms of the agreement, then you can opt for a bad credit installment loan. If you are looking to improve your credit score and get access to better opportunities, then an affordable bad credit loan is a good choice for you. Lenders report your payments to the credit bureaus, so your performance with a bad credit loan can get your credit score back in a good range.

You should also have it in mind that with a bad credit loan, you might be paying more charges than other loans require. Before you enter the agreement, you should know the entire amount that will be paid in installments and find out whether you can pay it back when it is due.

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