How to Select the Best Soccer Betting Site in 2023

Soccer has a long and illustrious history as one of the world’s most popular sports. Though it is not the most popular sport in the United States (American football is), there are still many “footie” fans in the country. Soccer has seen an increase in betting activity among American bettors due to the quick spread of legal sports betting.

Add in the upcoming World Cup in 2022, and you’ve got a recipe for a soccer comeback among sports betting lovers across the country.

What We Look For While Choosing Soccer Betting Sites

Soccer is a one-of-a-kind sport. The scoring is usually modest, yet there is still excitement.

Soccer’s second-by-second play can be full of fantastic moments. The complex sport provides plenty of betting options. If you want to bet on soccer, you should stick to gambling sites that know everything there is to know about the world’s most popular sport. Here are some of the factors we consider to choose the best soccer betting sites.

Coverage of the League

The finest soccer betting sites will provide a diverse range of leagues on which to wager. Soccer attracts a wider audience than most other sports due to its diverse leagues and teams.

The structure of the sport generates a lot of volume, and sportsbooks should reflect that volume. To be a viable option for soccer bettors, a sportsbook does not need to cover every league under the sun. Yet, the more leagues and teams accessible for wagering, the better the sportsbook.

A reliable soccer betting site will offer a variety of leagues, including (but not limited to):

  • English Premier League Champions League
  • The Europa League\sLeague 1 France Germany Bundesliga
  • Greece The Premier League
  • Israel Premier League of Italy Serie A
  • Mexico Eliteserien of the Norway Expansion League
  • Portugal First Division
  • Spain’s La Liga

Some sportsbooks provide far more than just that, though. The sportsbooks we suggest for betting on soccer typically offer all of these leagues in addition to a large number of others.

Naturally, a trustworthy sportsbook will provide World Cup wagers, which we’ll discuss in more detail later.

Presently accessible wagers

Betting on soccer is not the same as betting on team sports like football, baseball, or basketball. The most frequent three wager types on soccer games are “win,” “draw,” and “loss” because the games are typically close. In other words, you can place a bet on a team to win (a moneyline bet) or on a tie for the outcome of the game. These are the wagers that soccer fans most frequently place.

Although you may still wager on the point spread and total goals, soccer fans tend to be less interested in doing so because the majority of games end with very few total points scored.

Market depth is crucial for unconventional bets as well. A reputable soccer betting site will include player props, parlays, team props, futures, and other wagering options.

We look for sportsbooks that offer two different kinds of bonuses: welcome bonuses (for new bettors) and ongoing bonuses (for existing bettors).

Significant welcome bonuses are offered by our top-recommended sportsbooks, usually in the form of second-chance first bets on deposit matching. Moreover, they frequently provide rotating extras like odds improvements, refer-a-friend programs, and parlay insurance.

Online Live Betting

In the UK and other international markets, live betting has long been a favorite, especially for soccer. Soccer fans have a great option in live betting, which is growing in acceptance in the US.

Soccer is played at a moderate pace (at least in terms of how often teams score), so placing bets while watching a live game may be profitable and interesting. Our ranking of the top soccer betting sites is more likely to include a sportsbook with a robust live betting platform.

Using Experience

This takes into account a number of elements, including the mobile app, the look and feel, the customer experience, the speed, and so forth. It all comes down to one thing: how easy is it for a bettor to utilize the app? If everything works out, a sportsbook will probably be included to our list of recommended soccer betting applications.

World Cup betting in sports

Your next inquiry might be, “Can I bet on the World Cup?” now that you are aware of the several sportsbooks willing to accept your soccer wagers.

Bookmakers offer odds on the World Cup, which occurs every four years if you’re keeping count. The World Cup offers a wide variety of wagers. You can place bets on a range of different events, including player props, single-match wins/draws, team futures (who will win it all? ), and more.

As the World Cup approaches, sportsbooks will start offering futures bets, or chances on a distant outcome. Which team will win the entire World Cup tournament is the most common World Cup futures wager. Here is an illustration using 2022 World Cup futures odds. These odds are current as of this writing, but they might change before the event and even during it.

It should be noted that only the top five favorites to win are shown here. There are many more teams accessible for betting, but the odds will be greater. Among these three bookies, FanDuel’s odds on the favorite, Brazil, are the highest in this situation. FanDuel’s odds on the other teams, though, aren’t as good, so you can profit from that difference. For example, DraftKings and Unibet are the better choices if you want to wager on England.

Several futures markets, including top goal scorer, Golden Boot winner, top assists, and more, are also available for betting.

Betting on individual World Cup games

Many contested confrontations between formidable rivals and distant competitors are featured during the World Cup. For each individual match, you can bet on one of the teams to win or for the game to end in a draw.

Also, you can bet on props and other markets. If both sides will score in the World Cup is a common World Cup betting market. You could place a “yes” or “no” bet if you think both teams will score at least one goal (you believe at least one team will not score).

Totals (over/under bets) are a little less popular among soccer bettors because games are typically tight. You might see a line set at or close to 2.5, and you can bet on whether the teams will score more or less than that sum as a combined total.

Of course, there are a number of extra wagering options, such as live betting. A match can be bet on while it is still in progress. As odds change during a game, you can get a better line than other bettors did before it started. This might be helpful at times.

Most Common Questions Regarding Online Soccer Betting

What types of soccer wagers are offered online?

The following are some of the most well-liked soccer wagers available on top soccer betting sites:

  • Moneyline and match-winner bets; Total goals over/under; Both to score; Player to score; Correct score; Halftime/fulltime bets; Double chance bets.

Nonetheless, there are literally hundreds of different bet kinds available in soccer for both on-pitch and off-pitch events.

How much can I make betting on soccer online?

Your luck, level of experience, and financial resources all play a role in this, just like in any other form of gaming. 

You may win a lot of money betting on soccer if you make the right predictions. The likelihood that you will be able to make money betting on a sport increases with your level of knowledge about that sport. 

No matter how informed or experienced you are, you could still lose a lot of money playing this game or any other sort of gambling. Please exercise caution when playing the slots.

How quickly do soccer bookmakers process payouts?

The bookmaker and the mode of payment decide this. With some transactions lasting as little as 24 hours, cryptocurrency payments are frequently quicker than conventional payment methods. The processing time for traditional payments can be up to a week or longer. The payoff quantity can have an impact on the payout time as well (very large payouts take longer). Generally speaking, payouts take two to three business days, depending on the method and bookmaker.

Should I register with multiple soccer betting sites?

Certainly, it is usually worthwhile to sign up for multiple Judi Bola Gacor betting sites to benefit from the frequently huge welcome bonuses. Being on several websites also enables you to compare the best odds or various bet types. Nothing prevents you from signing up for many websites.

What age do you have to be to wager on soccer?

State-by-state and country-to-country variations in the laws are common. Please check the legal drinking age in your area.

How do I begin using the top soccer betting apps available right now?

To begin immediately, adhere to these guidelines.

  1. Open your preferred soccer betting app.
  2. Provide fundamental details including your name, address, and birthdate.
  3. Use your preferred banking method to fund your account.
  4. Decide on the wager size and place your bets.
  5. Take your gains out.

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