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Identiq 47m Series – Identiq 47m series is a revolutionary system for measuring and monitoring your health. It is the ideal solution for patients with cardiovascular conditions and other health issues. It can be used to detect and diagnose heart conditions, pulmonary diseases, and kidney and liver diseases. It is also suitable for monitoring exercise and sleep patterns.

Identiq 47m

Identiq is an Israeli fraud prevention company that offers identity validation to consumers. The company’s proprietary technology compares a new user’s details to its trusted identity network to ensure that the user’s identity is authentic. In addition, Identiq offers password reset protection and funding source ownership verification.

Identiq’s technology is able to provide up to minute accuracy in its identity verification process. The company has been able to grow rapidly due to increased eCommerce usage driven by the COVID (common online identity theft) pandemic. However, the company has also been targeted by fraudsters who pose as real users. Using its technology, Identiq is able to verify users’ identities without sharing their information. The company has also managed to raise $52 million to date.

Identiq’s founding team includes CEO Itay Levy, former Chief Executive Officer of Appoxee, and founder and Chief Technical Officer Ido Shilon. Previously, Ido Shilon served as Director of Engineering for LivePerson, and led the Israeli R&D center for Nielsen.

Identiq Raised $47.1 Million From Partners Entreacute Capital and Wiggers VentureBeat

Identiq is an internet-based start-up that aims to provide online privacy and security solutions. The firm has raised $47.1 million in investment from partners, including venture capital firm Entreacute Capital and Wiggers VentureBeat. In addition, Identiq has reportedly raised another $5 million in funding from other investors.

Identiq Review

Identiq is a company that specializes in providing a service that helps you identify the people and businesses that are important to you. They also provide the tools to help you make decisions about how to invest your money. They also have a Partners Capital program that allows you to invest in other companies that you have found through their website.


Identiq is an Israeli identity validation startup that is based in Tel Aviv. Its technology helps companies verify sensitive information by anonymously vetting new customers. It uses cryptography to weed out scammers. Identiq has already secured Fortune 500 companies as clients. Identiq plans to expand to 80 employees by year end.

The company was founded in 2018. Identiq founders include Itay Levy and Uri Arad. Both have worked in the security and fraud prevention industry for more than a decade. Levy’s background includes being the CEO of Appoxee, a mobile marketing automation platform, which was sold to Teradata in 2015.

Identiq has developed an Anonymous Identity Validation Network (AIVN) to help companies validate sensitive information. The company uses a protocol that offers higher fidelity and lower cost. Its proprietary technology compares new user details against trusted identities, enabling a “up to the minute” accuracy. The network also includes password reset protection, funding-source ownership verification, and trusted shipping addresses.


Identiq is an Israeli startup that uses an anonymous identity validation network. It is designed to help companies to validate sensitive information. This network uses its own proprietary protocol to provide a more secure and cost effective alternative to third party data providers. It also brings a new level of accuracy to the field of identity validation.

Itay Levy is the company’s co-founder and CEO. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He also has extensive experience in creating engineering teams for various startups in Israel. Prior to founding Identiq, Levy was the CEO of Appoxee, a mobile marketing automation platform. Identiq plans to use the funds to improve quality and validation. It will also use the money to expand its network of members. The network will add more members to improve validation, quality and coverage.


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