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Xbox has increased the price of Live Gold subscriptions for its Xbox One games by $10. It also offers a subscription service called Game Pass that offers a curated library of games. Microsoft has bragged about its Game Pass subscription numbers, which have topped 15 million last fall. Microsoft is also moving beyond the console, expanding Xbox to include PC and smartphone users with xCloud streaming.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft has recently increased the price of Xbox Live Gold, as part of a push to make more people subscribe to its Game Pass Ultimate service. This move is not only aimed at getting more gamers to upgrade, but also at increasing its revenue from subs. However, the price increase for Xbox Live Gold will not be enough to convince all potential Game Pass users to switch to the new service.

Existing six and 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscribers will not see price increases. However, if you subscribe to the one-month or three-month plans, you will see a price increase of $1 or $5. The change does not affect recurring subscriptions, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will continue to receive the same subscription price as before.

The price increase for Xbox Live Gold has effectively doubled since 2020. Previously, the 12-month subscription cost $60. Now, the same service costs $40 more, but it still costs $4 less than Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you still have some Gold time left, you can convert it to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to keep playing Xbox Live games. The price hike will not affect Ultimate users for 45 days.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is currently priced at $180 a year. You can also purchase the subscription on a month-to-month basis. The subscription includes access to over 100 games on Xbox and PC. In addition, it includes the new games from the Xbox Studios on day one. Additionally, it allows you to stream your Xbox Game Pass games to Android devices.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes all of the benefits of Xbox Live Gold. In addition to over 100 games, it also offers cloud gaming, Xbox cloud gaming, and EA Play. Additionally, the subscription is designed to accommodate up to five users. Microsoft also recently announced its plans to offer Xbox Game Pass Family. The plan would give up to five people access to the massive library.

The price increase for Xbox Live Gold was planned for a long time. It was even printed and shipped to stores. This wasn’t a publicity stunt, but a calculated move that Microsoft had planned. The Xbox Game Pass membership was set to hit 15 million users by September 2020. In the meantime, Microsoft has largely focused on Game Pass and the acquisition of IP.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is increasingly becoming an integral part of the Xbox experience. With the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, Xbox users will have access to hundreds of games on Xbox consoles, PCs, and Android devices. Additionally, this subscription is expected to double in price in the coming months.

Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft increases Xbox Live Gold prices to encourage people to upgrade to its new Game Pass service. The service costs $11 a month and includes games from EA Play and Microsoft’s cloud streaming service. Microsoft is rolling out this upgrade gradually over the next few months. It has yet to announce a specific date when it will make the Gold price change permanent.

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, the changes won’t affect you until the next time you renew your membership. Subscribers with auto-renewal enabled will retain the discounted pricing, but those with shorter periods will see the prices increase. If you’re using a pre-paid code, you’ll see a message in the message center at least 45 days in advance of the increase.

Microsoft’s recent increase in the price of Xbox Live Gold has generated a large amount of backlash. But the company has indicated that it will remove the Gold requirement for free-to-play games in the future. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions aren’t affected by this change. While you can still purchase Xbox Live Gold codes from most retailers, it’s important to note that these subscriptions cost $60 a year, which is a significant increase.

Microsoft has decided to increase Xbox Live Gold prices for select markets. The move affects a small number of countries, but there are a few states that have not been affected. It’s possible that the price increase will not affect existing subscribers, which is great news for gamers. But you should keep in mind that Microsoft is still grandfathering existing subscriptions at the current price.

Microsoft plans to increase the price of Xbox Live Gold again this year. Originally, it cost $60 for a six-month subscription. That’s more than the price of a Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Switch membership! The company has also launched a new service called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines Xbox Live Gold and the Xbox Game Pass, which offers hundreds of games for a single monthly fee.

The Xbox Live Gold service is required for online gaming. In 2007, Microsoft introduced Silver and Gold-tiered plans. The price of Xbox Live Gold rose from $8 a month to $25 for three months and finally to $60 for a full year. Xbox Live Gold subscriptions can still be purchased from retailers like GameStop and Amazon. However, the price increase is more than double the cost of the six-month plan that started in January.

Microsoft may combine the two subscription services. After its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it could end up merging the two. However, it is unclear what the future holds for Xbox Live Gold prices. Regardless, Gold subscribers will definitely need to upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate soon to get the benefits of both.

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is increasing prices for Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that offers premium content and features. The increase is aimed at driving subscribers to the more expensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which offers even more premium content. In September, Microsoft announced that it had surpassed 15 million subscribers with the service. Despite this move, some people are upset about the price increase.


Microsoft has also decided to remove its one-year subscription option, which was available in the past. Instead, Xbox users will now have to pay $60 per six-month subscription. In addition to the price hike, the company also announced a massive free game lineup for February. These games include Gears 5, Resident Evil and Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb.

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