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Investors in iLobby are confident in the long-term viability of brick-and-mortar facilities. While the company has been around for just three years, the recent $100 million funding round signals that it is well on its way to being a major player in the visitor management space. Founded by David Sawers, the company has been backed by Insight Partners and is headquartered in San Francisco.

Insight Partners

For enterprises, iLobby is a great solution to manage on-site visitors. It offers features like mail and package management and AI to automate package handling. The company’s mission is to make enterprise visitor management simple and effective. Its $100 million investment from Insight Partners comes at a time when many companies are considering a return to physical offices.


iLobby is a company that provides enterprise-grade visitor management software. Its solutions include self-sign-in kiosks that scan IDs and facial recognition systems. These systems help organizations monitor capacity and enforce social distaging policies. The company has raised $100 million in funding from venture capital firm Insight Partners.

The company’s software automates processes that make complex work environments more efficient. It also enables organizations to streamline processes and adhere to security and safety protocols. It can integrate with existing systems and is highly customizable to fit the specific needs of an organization. Its software is used by banks, government premises, and other highly regulated environments.

iLobby raises $100 million

iLobby is a Toronto-based provider of visitor management software. Its platform provides self-service checkpoints that help businesses and organizations streamline their processes while increasing professionalism and operational efficiency. The platform has enterprise-level features and a high level of security. Its recent $100 million Series A funding round follows the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which drove up demand for visitor management technology.

iLobby, a visitor management company that provides software to enterprise businesses, has announced a $100 million strategic investment from Insight Partners. The money will be used to scale its go-to-market and expand its product functionality. This is iLobby’s first external financing round and marks an important milestone for the company.

ilobby Raises $100 Million

The ilobby raises a substantial round of funding. Here are the sources and companies that backed the startup. ilobby is a mobile marketing platform that allows users to find the best content based on their location. It recently raised a significant round of funding from a number of sources, including Aisa Wers Venture Beat, Avalon Ventures, and a group of angel investors.

ilobby raises substantial round of funding

Toronto-based visitor management software provider iLobby has raised a substantial round of funding. The venture capital firm Insight Partners has invested $100 million in the company, which will use the funding to scale its go-to-market operations and expand product functionality. The company has a client list that includes Pepsi, Hershey’s, and Nikon, as well as many small and midsize businesses. The company also serves airports, government buildings, and banks.

The investment will allow iLobby to expand its product portfolio and meet growing demand for enterprise visitor management software. The company’s solutions include self-sign-in kiosks, facial recognition systems, and ID scanning. These solutions also help businesses monitor their capacity and enforce their social-discrimination policies.

The new round of funding will allow iLobby to expand its services into more regulated markets. The company already serves over 1,000 clients. The new funding will help it expand its services in the enterprise space and push into government premises. Besides iLobby’s software, iLobby also offers operational efficiencies for front-of-house staff, including analytics about building traffic. Its iLobby Portal displays real-time traffic statistics, as well as trends over the last 30 days. It also sends daily and monthly reports. The software also simplifies safety hours reporting and contractor invoicing.

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iLobby is using the new funding to expand its business and meet the growing demand for enterprise visitor management software. The company’s products, which include self sign-in kiosks and facial recognition systems, can help organizations manage and monitor visitor flows, enforce social distaging policies, and much more.

With a recent $100M Series A funding, iLobby plans to expand its product offering to 45 countries around the world. As more businesses reopen, the company is aware of the need to screen employees to minimize potential risks and safeguard the wellbeing of their workforce.

Insight Partners

Insight Partners is a private equity firm based in New York City. In the past decade, the firm has invested in over 300 companies, from Twitter to Alibaba. More recently, it has made investments in companies like Cylance and Docker. The firm has also IPO’d three companies within the past three months. The firm’s latest fund raise brought its total assets under management to $90 billion.

The firm also has a history of backing companies that have already forged a successful business model. With two decades of experience, it has invested in several notable companies, including Alibaba, Tumblr, Hootsuite, and Tricentis. In addition, Insight was one of the main investors in the recent $75 million funding round for Darktrace.

Veeam is another venture Insight has invested in. It offers data backup and disaster recovery services for enterprises. Founded in 2006 by Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov, the company has raised over $1 billion in annual sales. Insight is a minority investor in Veeam, but has recently led a major institutional round for the data management platform.

Insight may share your information with third parties when required or permitted by law. For example, Insight may share your personal information to comply with a legal process, produce relevant documents in litigation, arbitration, or other legal proceedings, or to protect your rights or interests. Insight will also share your information to enforce terms of service or legal disclosures related to your test.


iLobby has raised $100 million in a new bank investment, marking its first external investment in seven years. With this money, the enterprise visitor management software provider is well-positioned to expand into highly regulated facilities, such as airports, government buildings, and banks.

The investment will allow iLobby to scale its business and meet the increasing demand for enterprise visitor management software. Its software helps companies manage their visitors through the use of self-sign-in kiosks, facial recognition systems, and ID scanning. It can also help companies monitor capacity and enforce anti-social discrimination policies.

iLobby’s product offering

iLobby has raised $100 million in a bank, the company’s first outside investment in seven years. This will allow it to expand its platform to include high-regulated facilities. These include banks, airports, and government offices. It will also help companies better track who is entering their facilities and what kind of risk that poses to their workers.


iLobby has acquired 100 million from venture capital firm Insight Partners. The startup has experienced year-over-year growth in the past few years, and is profitable. Its software helps enterprise companies track visitor behavior, and replaces pen-and-paper log systems. The system is already being used in government buildings, airports, and banks.

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