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The Israeli-based startup Noogata provides a platform to help business users turn data into actionable insights, and use those insights to drive opportunities, growth and profit. This technology helps business users quickly and easily scale AI throughout their organizations. Noogata is already being used by a wide range of blue-chip companies.

Noogata is a leader in no-code artificial intelligence

Noogata is an enterprise platform that integrates all digital signals and applies AI models to create actionable data insights. It can help businesses and organizations analyze large volumes of data in real time, without the need for internal development teams. It can also integrate with existing enterprise data systems, such as Salesforce.

The company has raised a total of $28 million in funding. The investment will enable the startup to continue its product development and expand its organization. It plans to use the money to expand into new industries and serve existing customers. Noogata has already secured funding from global venture capital firms including Allon Ventures, Eight Roads, and Team8.

The company has a global market leadership position in no-code artificial intelligence. Its AI platform is built for business users and turns data into actionable insights to boost growth, profit, and opportunities. It also offers the benefits of best-in-class AI without the complexity of building models. The company’s technology is used by companies from e-commerce to finance.

Noogata’s CEO, Assaf Egozi, has 20 years of experience in business and technology. He’s worked in the military, at McKinsey & Company, and in early-stage startups. His background in AI and machine learning has given him unique insights into how to scale it.

It offers a framework that abstracts away much of the development work

The Noogata AI platform offers modular AI blocks that enable non-developers to build enterprise applications. It uses AI frameworks to deliver data insights and abstracts away much of the development work. The company’s AI platform also provides the tools necessary to automate data-driven decisions.

Noogata is an AI startup that develops no-code solutions for enterprises. It recently secured $12 million in seed funding from investors Skylake Capital and Team8. It is targeting industries such as retail, e-commerce, and financial services. It plans to use the new funding to expand its workforce and accelerate go-market efforts.

It has raised $16 million in Series A funding

The company has raised the funding to expand its sales, marketing, and product development teams. It will also pursue partnerships with large data warehouses and extend its integrations with other data sources. Noogata has a vision of making artificial intelligence accessible to enterprise users worldwide.

The company uses AI to transform billions of data points into actionable insights and predictions for businesses. Noogata is currently employing 40 people between Tel Aviv and New York and is hiring leadership positions across finance, sales, and customer success.

It is hiring for a variety of roles

VentureBeat is a digital town square for technical decision-makers, where you can transact and exchange information about transformative enterprise technology. It is also a platform for thought leader events. It is seeking candidates to fill a variety of positions.

Noogata, founded by Assaf Egozi and Oren Raboy, is a startup that provides AI blocks that developers can plug into their application. Its AI platform leverages no-code AI frameworks and abstracts away much of the development work. As a result, customers don’t have to continually audit and retrain their AI solutions.

It plans to have over 100 employees by 2022

Noogata is an AI platform that combines billions of data points to help businesses make the right decisions based on that data. The company has clients such as Colgate Palmolive and plans to have over 100 employees by 2022. It currently employs 40 people between New York and Tel Aviv. It is currently hiring for engineering, finance, sales and customer success leadership roles.


The Israeli startup Noogata is a no-code artificial intelligence solution provider. It has recently closed a $16 million Series A round led by global venture capital firm Eight Roads. Its AI platform leverages AI frameworks without the need for any programming knowledge, and helps business users transform data into actionable insights. This AI platform abstracts away much of the development work from the user, making it easier to scale AI across an organization.

The startup has offices in Tel Aviv and New York City and currently employs over 40 people. This year, it plans to expand its operations by hiring for various leadership roles, including product development, sales and engineering. It also hopes to establish partnerships with large data warehouses.

Its AI platform

Israeli AI platform provider Noogata has secured $16 million in Series A funding from global venture capital firms Eight Roads and Allon Ventures. The funding will fuel rapid growth for the company, which aims to give business users the power to make data-driven decisions. Its AI platform is designed for enterprise use, and it has won the trust of big companies like Colgate Palmolive and PepsiCo.

The company has more than 40 employees in Israel and New York. It plans to use the funds to grow its engineering, product development, and sales teams, and expand its platform’s range of AI blocks. It also hopes to build partnerships with big data warehouses to expand its market reach and add more AI-powered capabilities to its platform.

Its expansion plans in the United States

As a data science and artificial intelligence company, Noogata is looking to expand its business across the United States. Currently, the company has offices in New York and Tel Aviv. This expansion will help the company grow its sales and marketing teams, as well as expand its AI product offerings and platform integrations. In addition, the company plans to build partnerships with large data warehouses to provide its AI-based algorithms with a broader audience.

Its research and development operations in Israel

Noogata is investing $13 million in its Israeli research and development operations to support its rapid growth. Its goal is to help businesses make data-driven decisions with artificial intelligence. The company plans to use the new funds to expand its R&D operations in Israel and expand its sales and marketing teams in the United States. It also plans to integrate data from Amazon, Shopify and Google to create a more powerful AI platform for companies.


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