Maximizing Your Property’s Energy Efficiency: The Home Additions That Can Boost Your EPC

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating is one of the most important variables that prospective buyers or tenants take into account when buying or renting a home. A property’s EPC rating, which gauges its energy efficiency, can significantly affect both its marketability and value.

There are several home improvements you may undertake if your property has a poor EPC rating in order to improve it. The most efficient home improvements to raise your property’s EPC are covered in this article. So continue reading for advice on home modifications for better EPC – supported by leading estate agents in Manchester!

1. Consider Loft Insulation

Loft insulation makes up one of the most effective home improvements for increasing the EPC rating of your property. This entails insulating your home’s roof space to stop heat from escaping via the roof. The installation of loft insulation, according to the Energy Saving Trust, is capable of lowering heat loss by up to 25%, which can dramatically raise your EPC rating.

2. Look into Insulation for Walls

Wall insulation, like loft insulation, is an effective home improvement that may raise your property’s EPC rating. While internal wall insulation involves providing insulation to your walls’ inside, external wall insulation is the process of adding insulation to your property’s outside walls. Both solutions can raise the EPC rating of your home through boosting energy efficiency and lowering heat loss.

3. Think About Dual-pane Windows

Another efficient option to raise your property’s EPC rating is to install double glazing. In order to minimise heat loss and increase insulation, double glazing involves swapping out single-pane windows with double-glazed ones. This can keep your home warmer and save you considerable amounts of energy costs, which could result in a higher EPC rating.

4. Go For Low-Energy Lighting

Making the switch to low-energy lighting is an uncomplicated but worthwhile modification that can elevate the EPC of your house. This includes switching out conventional light bulbs for energy-efficient LED bulbs, which consume considerably less energy and have an extended lifespan of up to 25 times.

5. Incorporate Sources of Renewable Energy into Your Home

A heat pump or solar panels could be installed to provide renewable energy, which will also greatly raise your property’s EPC rating. These systems provide renewable energy, which may be utilised to power your home or business and lessen your dependency on fossil fuels like gas or electricity. This can help you save money on energy expenses while also improving your EPC rating and boosting your home’s value. The most reliable tools for property valuation Manchester can offer, could tell you that!

6. Gain More Control over Heating

The EPC rating of your house can be improved by installing heating controls, such as a programmable thermostat as well as smart heating system. These systems let you to more effectively regulate the temperature of your home, cutting down on the energy used for heating. As a result, energy costs could be reduced and the EPC rating could improve.

7. Improve Home Ventilation

Improved ventilation is essential for keeping a pleasant and healthy living environment. Your EPC rating can also be raised by installing a mechanical ventilation system or upgrading the ventilation that already exists. This will also boost your home’s value. Book a valuation to gain a better idea.

8. Seal Any Gaps and Draughts

In order to reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency, gaps and draughts in your home need to be sealed. Draught excluders, sealing gaps around windows and doors, and repairing cracks in floors and walls can all help with this.

9. Update Your Kitchen Appliances

Don’t forget to upgrade your kitchen appliances! Kitchen appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and ovens may significantly increase the energy usage of your home. However, your EPC rating can increase and your energy expenses can be decreased by switching to more energy-efficient models not just in the kitchen, but in other parts of the house as well.

To Sum Up

There are several efficient home improvements you could make if you want to raise your property’s EPC rating. These modifications, which range from double glazing and renewable energy sources to loft insulation as well as wall insulation, are capable of helping you decrease heat loss, increase energy efficiency, and eventually result in a higher EPC rating.

You can boost the value and marketability of your house and make it more desirable to prospective buyers or tenants by making these home additions.

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