Most common signs of bed bug infestation 

Bed bugs are tiny pieces that might not be visible to your naked eye, but will surely cause the maximum amount of trouble that any insect has ever caused you. A bed bug infestation cannot only be frustrating but also expensive for you. They will damage your furniture, your books, your bedsheet, your clothes, and nearly everything in the room. Apart from messing with your skin and Health. Although bedbugs bite or are not considered severe, they are surely a discomfort-causing problem. You will feel an itchy and burning sensation wherever they bite. Thus, let us know the signs to identify bed bugs infestation so that you can take some bed bug control steps:

Blood spots on the bed sheet 

The most common sign of bedbug infestation is that you will find small red or brown spots on your bed. When you wake up these blood spots or because of the bed bugs bite. As they are small, their bites are also very minute and you will only find small drops of blood on your bed sheet.

Rashes and red bumps 

If you are making it every day with rashes on your body and small red bumps, it means that you are being bitten by a bed bug. Bed bugs bite our usually small red spots which may feel like rashes. You may feel itchy or your skin may be a little swollen where the bed bug Has bitten you. 


Another common symptom of a bedbug infestation is that you might not sport rashes or bumps on your body, but you will feel itchy whenever you wake up. Even after changing your bed sheets and bed cover, you have an easy ceiling in the morning. It means that your room is infested with bed bugs.

Furniture damage

Just like termites, bed bugs can also damage furniture and belongings. If you play sports, a little DK or minute hold is developed in your furniture’s books, clothes, or other items in your room. This means that bed bugs have successfully infested your starwikibio house.

Bed bugs are difficult to spot and you won’t realize that they have infested your home once it is too late. To avoid such circumstances, you should contact a pest control service periodically and get your home checked and secured from pests. In addition, with periodic pest control service, you can buy disinfectants and insecticides that have good efficacy and use it in your home every day. Such practices will help eliminate even a single pest of any type, including bed bugs. To conclude, bed bugs infestation can be a nerve-racking and tiring feeling, and thus you should not take it lightly.

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