Overnight Pimple Patch Dos & Don’ts For Best Results

Overnight pimple patch products are the talk of the town at present due to their ability to protect zits as they heal. Easy to use and enjoy, they’re gaining in popularity all the time, but they do need to be used correctly if you want to get the absolute best results from them. 

So, let’s start by explaining what the products are and how they work. 

What Are Pimple Patches?

Essentially, pimple patches are small circles made from a material known as hydrocolloids. It’s not a particularly new technology, as they’ve been used for healing in hospitals for years. However, the overnight pimple patch is much newer in the beauty industry. 

In addition to protecting the erupted area and preventing further damage, these little stickers are also able to draw out the poison within and get rid of your acne faster. They’re not complicated, but the best designs are often the simplest! 

So, Let’s Take a Look at Those Dos & Don’ts!

As we mentioned a moment ago, there are most certainly right and wrong ways to use overnight pimple patches, which is exactly what we’re taking a gander at now. So without further ado, let’s see how these innovative little products can be used for the best effect. 

Pimple Patch Dos 

Let’s start by looking at what you SHOULD be doing…

You SHOULD – Clean your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser and pat your face dry. You should also be sure to have clean hands before you start and ensure that there’s no other product on your skin. You’ll soon find out that by applying moisturizer or any other product to your zits first, the adhesive on the patches won’t stick to your skin for long.

You should also ensure your overnight pimple patch dots are left on for the correct amount of time. They need several hours to work their magic and draw out all the impurities that lie inside a blocked pore. This is why it’s best to use them overnight, as you’re asleep and won’t be tempted to remove them. 

Pimple Patch Don’ts 

Now we look at the don’ts, and there are quite a few more of them than the Dos. There’s much you need to avoid to make sure your patches work. Let’s take a look at the errors people make.

You should NOT:

  • Forget to cleanse beforehand, as you’ll simply lock in all the bad bacteria
  • Have oily or greasy fingers when you’re applying your patches
  • Apply them too early (before your zits are near the surface), or they’ll have no effect
  • Take them off after an hour or two

You won’t hurt yourself by making these mistakes, but you will stop your pimple patches from being as effective as they can be. With money as tight as it is right now, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting yours by misusing your patches…just sayin’. 

Get the Most Out Of Your Overnight Pimple Patch Products 

While pimple patches are nifty little products that provide great healing support for acne sufferers, they do need to be used as directed. Combined with a good acne treatment plan with benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid, well-used patches can make a real difference to the speed of your skin’s recovery. 

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