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Identifyiq is a company that enables users to quickly identify themselves and the people they know. The company has recently secured funding from the Sony Innovation Fund to bring their service to market. With the addition of this new fund, Identifyiq has found a stable source of funding and will be able to continue developing its service and grow.

Sony Innovation Fund

Investing in early-stage startups, the Sony Innovation Fund provides access to Sony’s world. Its headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. Since July 2016, Sony’s corporate venture capital fund has invested more than 60 ventures in various industries. Its latest fund is focused on environmental issues. The fund will invest up to 1 billion yen in startups that are working to address global environmental issues. It may expand its investment depending on the level of activity. Sony plans to promote activities that have a positive impact on the global environment.

Sony’s long-term vision is to achieve a zero environmental footprint by 2050. Its efforts will help create a more sustainable society. Sony will provide commercialization support and will search externally and internally for environmental issues that require attention. It will also help companies that are developing technologies to address global environmental issues. Its funds will also add ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria to its investment criteria.

Sony Innovation Fund’s venture capital arm invests in early-stage startups that are working to develop innovative technologies. It provides seed and series A and B funding to companies that are in the early stages of development. It has helped portfolio companies grow and has offered opportunities for collaboration and joint development.


Identiq is a world first, an Anonymous Identity Validation Network (AI-NV). The network enables companies to validate sensitive information without sharing it with any third party. This is important as a lot of companies have experienced data theft and privacy challenges. Identiq is also helping companies to detect fraud. It has also been the target of fraudsters who posed as real users.

Identiq has been led by Insight Partners and Entree Capital. The company has recently announced a Series A round of $47 million. The company has been working on building the world’s largest Anonymous Identity Validation Network and is bringing the same technology to other areas of business. The company has a unique approach to combating fraud and has been involved in multiple fraud cases involving companies and consumers.

One of the more noteworthy feats of the Identiq is its use of cryptography to verify information without the need to hand over sensitive personal information. The company also claims that its technology is the best way to make sense of an overwhelming amount of data. The company is also planning to use the funding to expand its enterprise integrations and invest in AI capabilities.


It’s no secret that identity is one of the most critical aspects of today’s digital world, and Identiq’s solution has the potential to help companies protect their customers, employees, and partners. Currently, the company has just over 20 employees. However, it plans to add even more to its growing ranks in the coming years.

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