Proper Steps to Take After an Accident With a Delivery Van or Truck

The latter part of the year usually witnesses a surge in delivery vans and trucks on the road. The COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many to shift to online shopping, contributed to the increase in number.

However, the main preoccupation of this piece is: what do you do if you get into a crash with a delivery van or truck?

Perhaps, your best course of action is to emulate Ans Rana. Rana was in the backseat of his brother’s Tesla Model S car when they parked after a disabled vehicle on Atlanta’s Interstate 75. After a few seconds, an Amazon delivery van rammed into them from behind.

Rana and his relatives (father and brother) got hospitalized due to the crash. Specifically, Rana had life-redefining spinal cord and brain injuries. He filed a lawsuit in Georgia state court and accused Amazon as responsible for his injuries.

This piece will outline the steps you should take if you are involved in a delivery truck or van accident.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately after a Crash with a Delivery Truck

The United States Department of Transportation said there were 5,237 truck- and bus-related fatal mishaps in 2019, the most recent available data. The figures represent a two percent increase from 2018. There was an unexpected 47 percent surge in fatal accidents between 2009 and 2019.

Victims of a delivery vehicle or box truck accident usually suffer devastating and life-changing injuries. These vehicles often cause significant and disastrous damage in a crash due to their large size.

Of course, safety should be the first priority; see a doctor immediately after an accident, even if you feel you did not sustain any significant injury. Internal injuries may fester if you do not attend to them quickly. Also, high adrenaline levels may hide the severity of injuries immediately after a mishap.

After attending to your health, contact a truck accident lawyer to guide you and help you recover the deserved compensation. You can also liaise with the attorney to gather all relevant evidence.

Quickly take photos of the accident scene and the damaged vehicles involved. Also, snap pictures of your injuries and everything linked with the mishap.

Evidence You Need after a Delivery Truck Crash

One of the most critical pieces of evidence you need is a police report because it gives foundational information about the location of the incident and those involved.

Your lawyer can also help you get a certified truck inspection report to ascertain if the truck was in good order without mechanical issues when the accident happened. Driver log books, truck black boxes, and other electronic monitoring data can strengthen your case. Through these items, you can prove if the trucker was distracted during the crash or was driving against the hours stipulated by federal laws.

Furthermore, gather enough witness statements to support your narration of events. It will also benefit your case if you can get traffic camera videos that aptly capture how the accident happened.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Delivery Truck Accident?

Depending on how the incident occurred, you can sue the delivery driver and the firm they are working for. Rana did that because he believed that Amazon had illogical requirements that led to the crash.

Victims can hold organizations responsible if evidence abounds that they encouraged their drivers to be reckless, did not maintain their vehicles well, or failed to screen truckers properly before employing them.

“It is not advisable to navigate this highly technical legal path alone; work with a reputable truck accident attorney to get the compensation you deserve,” says Attorney Russell J. Berkowitz of Berkowitz Hanna Malpractice & Injury Lawyers.

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