Pros and cons of DBS Checks

There are differing views of DBS checks among employers and employees, which though easily available and essential for some sectors are viewed as an inconvenience by some. There are various industries that have jobs where it is mandatory to have a background or DBS check. Still there are a good number of employers that are unclear whether the checks are applicable to their industry.

These checks were instituted with the objective to keep businesses and companies secure for both employer and employee. However, some still do take a negative view of the checks and feel it hampers employment opportunities.

We check out the pros and cons of these checks and their impact on recruitment in this blog.


There are several benefits linked with DBS checks such as:

Better quality of applicants: Through the DBS checks process, an employer can be confident that the applicant they consider employing is suited for the task. Without these checks an employer can not be quite sure if the applicant they employ is legitimate, therefore the background check is essential. It leads to mostly a better quality of applicants for the job thus improving the overall quality of the staff employed. Only those suited for the task will attempt to apply.

Cost-effective: Since the quality of applicants for a post improves, in the long term it will help to lower staff turnover a major concern for businesses and companies. With the checks in place, it lowers the risk of potential employees lying about any earlier employment information as everything will be scrutinised in the background check.

Employer peace of mind: An employer can rest assured that his company or business is secure through background checks of the employees.  These allows employers the freedom to hire only those without any earlier convictions for specific roles. It increases the likelihood of employing a suitable candidate for the role.

Improves safety: The safety of the workplace environment improves by employing candidates that have had their background checks cleared. Along with being legally necessary for certain industries, enhanced DBS checks are also essential for those in the finance industry and working with vulnerable groups of people.

Remain business compliant: Legally those working with individuals from vulnerable groups such as children or elderly adults need to undergo DBS checks before employment. This is to ensure the employee does not have any serious convictions in the past that could pose a risk for the role they are employed for. It also ensures that the company or business is legally compliant.


Expensive: Getting a DBS check can be expensive especially if there is need for advanced or enhanced checks. Since most companies and businesses try to minimise costs, many will prefer to skip the checks so as to prevent expenses. However, this is not recommended for companies and businesses that have posts that legally entail undergoing background checks.

May be inaccurate: While the process is careful and thorough at times there could be errors that slip in.  Any business or company that has experienced inaccuracies in the past may not be keen to spend further money on getting DBS checks for its employees. However, this could prove to a big risk to the business or company in the long run.

May lead to discrimination: While it is not always the case, there are employers that may discriminate against potential employees on the basis of the history of their background checks.  Those individuals that may have had spent serious convictions in the past are more likely to face this bias against them. It may also prevent some candidates suited for the role from applying for the post based on their past background with the fear of being discriminated against.

Privacy issues: One of the main issues with the checks is that they feel like an invasion of privacy for many people. There may be some employees that will not be comfortable with having their background history investigated and they may not want the checks to be carried out at the risk of losing their job.

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