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Round Or Square Cabinet Pulls

The choice between round or square cabinet pulls may depend on a homeowner’s aesthetic preferences. A square pull may look out of place in a country kitchen, but it can complement a modern or shabby chic decor. A round cabinet pull can be used on drawers in other rooms of the house, such as a living room.

The type of cabinet pull that a homeowner chooses should be comfortable to slide fingers underneath. A drawer pull should be free of sharp edges and shouldn’t catch on clothing or fingernails. The pull should be easy to use and maintain. In addition, the cabinet hardware should be durable and stylish.

When choosing round or square cabinet pulls, consider the type of finish they’ll get on the drawers. Decorative pulls are a great way to bring patterns to a monochromatic area. They’re most striking next to an elaborate backsplash. You can choose between chrome, polished nickel, bronze, and flat black. These designs are available in a range of prices and can also be purchased for a low cost from online retailers.

A good rule of thumb is to choose cabinet hardware proportional to the size of the cabinet. For example, a 36″ wide drawer should have a pull that is about 8″ or longer. Similarly, a drawer that is twelve” wide should have a pull that is three to four inches long.

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