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Partners with AWS, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware

Founded in 2010, Contrast Security is a Los Altos, California-based company that provides application security solutions. This includes security testing, observability, and serverless application monitoring. Contrast also provides context-specific guidance for vulnerability remediation.

The company’s product features a backend built on AWS, a suite of serverless application monitoring tools, and serverless application assessment and testing. The company’s platform also identifies three times more actual vulnerabilities than the average tool. The platform identifies the most important vulnerabilities, eliminates false positives, and provides actionable fix guidance. The platform includes APIs and language support.

Global expansion plans

Founded in 2014 in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore City, Contrast Security is a leader in next-generation code security tools. Their solutions are used by leading companies, governments, and academic institutions worldwide to secure code. The company is one of a growing number of startups focusing on DevSecOps, which aims to automate integration of security at every stage of the software development lifecycle. They offer a suite of tools that help developers, security engineers, and QA professionals write secure application code. Using Contrast’s technology, companies can detect and eliminate vulnerabilities and false positives, so that developers can write more secure applications faster and more easily.

Contrast Security has built an industry-leading Application Security Platform, which embeds code analysis directly into software. The company’s customers include AXA, DocuSign, and the American Red Cross. The company’s solutions secure code for tens of thousands of developers. Its customers also include VMware, AWS, Google, and Microsoft. Contrast’s platform allows application and development teams to collaborate more efficiently and innovate faster.

Expansion into the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific

Having a foothold in Asia has become a priority for Middle Eastern nations. This region is a huge market for Middle Eastern exports and there is a growing consumer market for Middle Eastern goods. The Asian countries have a large and diverse economy and they are well positioned to attract the Middle Eastern countries to expand their cooperation. In the Middle East, there is a growing interest in expanding economic and political cooperation with Asian countries. As a result, there has been a reorientation of foreign policy towards Asia. In particular, many Arab nations have been repositioning their national interests towards Asia. This has been evident in the increasing economic and trade ties between the two regions.


The ASEAN region is a great source of opportunities for Middle Eastern nations to enhance their presence in Asia. There are several initiatives in the subregions that are aimed at addressing developmental gaps, increasing international coordination, and enhancing connectivity. The ASEAN-BIMP-EAGA (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Myanmar) subregion is a strategic location that could become a main destination for Middle Eastern investors. In addition, it could serve as a regional hub for the Middle East and Asia, and a stepping stone for the Middle East’s expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.

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