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Signs that you were wrongfully terminated from the job

A few things compare to the experience of getting fired from the job. While people get laid off for many reasons, it is important to understand wrongful termination. New Jersey is an at-will state for employment, which allows your employer to fire you for any reason or no reason at all. Employers know that wrongful termination has consequences, and the chances are high that your company wouldn’t make a stupid move. If you were asked to leave, you must speak to an expert for legal advice. An experienced employment lawyer can give you insights into the laws and your current position. Here are some signs that you were wrongfully fired. 

  1. There was a breach of contract. The employment contract will have all the relevant details, and if your termination violates the terms and conditions in that contract, you may have a solid case. The contract also outlines the obligations of your employer that they must adhere to when firing you. If any of those aspects were breached, your claim is probably strong enough to pursue further. 
  2. You suffered discrimination. If your employer fired you from the job because of your race, sexual orientation, gender, color, religious belief, or disability, you have a case of wrongful termination. Keep in mind that such cases are hard to prove, which is why you need a lawyer who can evaluate the circumstances and give you a fair review. 
  3. You were fired in retaliation. Take this example – You reported an act of misconduct or were engaged in whistleblowing activities, which triggered your employer who decide to terminate your contract. These are common reasons to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Workplace retaliation cases are way too common, and it could be a simple situation where you demanded a fair wage rate but were fired instead. 

Talking to an attorney

Most wrongful termination lawsuits have complex elements, and you need a qualified lawyer who can take things further and fight for your rights. Lawyers may charge an hourly rate, a retainer fee, or a contingency charge, depending on the aspects of your case. If you know people who have worked with employment lawyers in the past, you can get names and contact details. Websites like Nolo are also quite handy. Ensure that the attorney is capable of tackling the wrongful termination lawsuit and can take the case to court if needed. Don’t wait for long to seek advice and legal help. 

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