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Strata Identity provides unified identity management for cloud environments. Founded in 2010, the company is focused on integrating identity management in multi-cloud environments. Investors are likely to be interested in this technology, which aims to help enterprises simplify identity management across the various cloud environments.

Strata Identity helps unify identity management in multi-cloud environments

Strata Identity helps organizations manage their identities across multiple clouds using a distributed identity model. With this solution, administrators can define policies and rules for each cloud and manage them all in one place, rather than relying on each cloud to manage identity management. The product also helps organizations manage user identity across different clouds and applications with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

The company emerged from stealth last June and has already completed successful proof-of-concepts and signed a Fortune 50 customer. It has also gotten interest from 15 Fortune 500 companies and has $11 million in the bank. Its founders have called identity management a challenge, and Strata Identity helps organizations resolve this problem.

Strata Identity’s identity orchestration solutions help businesses manage identities across multiple clouds without having to rewrite apps. This allows customers to mix and match the right identity technology to meet their business goals without compromising user experience or security. The company plans to use the funds to expand its R&D and marketing efforts.

Strata Identity uses the IDQL standard to orchestrate identity and access across cloud systems. IDQL is a standard that allows identity and access policies to move freely from proprietary identity systems to public clouds and hybrid clouds. It also allows enterprises to migrate off of legacy identity providers without rewriting application code, allowing them to leverage the benefits of the cloud without the hassle of switching infrastructure.

Strata Identity

Strata Identity is a startup that helps companies manage their identities and security policies across multiple clouds. Its $11M Series A round of funding comes from ForgePoint Capital and Menlo Ventures. In addition, Menlo’s Venky Ganesan has joined the company’s board.

The company emerged from stealth last June and has already completed proofs of concept and signed a Fortune 50 client. It has also received interest from 15 Fortune 500 companies and been invited to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. The company is currently 26 employees strong, with plans to double its staff size by the end of the year.

Strata Identity investors

Strata Identity is a company that provides multi-cloud, distributed identity management for enterprises. The company’s platform is built for these environments and allows users to manage distributed identity systems easily and transparently. The company’s co-founders are the co-authors of the SAML standard, which enables cross-cloud identity management.

The company is led by technical founders with more than 60 years of experience between them. They include CEO Eric Olden, CTO Topher Marie, and Chief Product Officer Eric Leach. Eric Olden is a co-author of the SAML protocol, which allows identity providers to pass credentials to other services. He also founded two other startups, Securant and Symplified, both of which were acquired by RSA.

Strata Identity’s technology provides a distributed identity management platform that breaks identity lock-in by enabling enterprise organizations to move seamlessly across cloud and identity providers. This approach ensures a cost-effective, multi-cloud strategy that scales with the needs of the enterprise. Its founders have experience in building identity management solutions for many different industries.

Strata Identity helps unify identity management in multi-cloud environments

Strata Identity is a multi-cloud identity management solution that helps companies manage multiple identity systems. The platform supports distributed apps and helps administrators enforce consistent policies across multiple cloud platforms. Strata also supports legacy applications and helps customers migrate them to the cloud. As a result, it has gained traction in a wide variety of industries.

As enterprises increasingly move to multiple cloud environments, identity management issues multiply. Since identities are stored independently across cloud services, they are more susceptible to compromise. Boulder-based Strata addresses this issue by breaking down the silos and providing unified identity management across multi-cloud environments. Strata’s Identity Fabric platform is designed to unify and streamline identity management across the enterprise.

Strata Identity

Strata Identity is a distributed multi-cloud identity orchestration platform. It recently announced it has raised $11 million in a Series A funding round led by Menlo Ventures, with ForgePoint Capital also participating. The company has already signed a Fortune 50 client and gotten interest from 15 Fortune 500 companies. In addition, it has been invited to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. It is currently 26 employees strong with plans to double that number by the end of the year.

Strata has pioneered the idea of identity orchestration, which provides consistent identity management across cloud environments. Its distributed approach to identity breaks the lock-in effect that has plagued many identity management systems for decades. Its founders have authored the SAML open standard for identity interoperability, built the first cloud identity services, and delivered open source identity products. Ultimately, Strata’s mission is to create the first distributed identity platform.

Strata Identity product

Strata Identity, a company that makes a cloud-based identity orchestration platform, closed a $11M Series A round from Menlo Ventures and ForgePoint Capital. The company is headed by two co-founders of the SAML standard and aims to create an open, cross-cloud identity management system that offers consistent management across clouds. Strata will use the funds to accelerate its research and development efforts. It also announced that Menlo Ventures Partner Venky Ganesan will join the company’s board of directors.

The company’s software identifies and migrates a company’s existing identity systems to modern ones. In addition, it offers a decoupling service for older apps that require user identification, so they can work with the new ID system. It also has identity orchestration smarts called Maverics, which determines how identities, data, and applications can connect across systems. These capabilities will help companies run applications on any identity system and cloud.

Strata Identity partners

Strata Identity’s software enables companies to run their identity management systems in the cloud. It also allows organizations to decouple their apps from their identities, which makes it easier to get older apps working with the new system. The company also touts its identity orchestration smarts, or “Maverics,” which determines how identities and data connect across applications and systems. This enables companies to run their apps on any cloud, as long as the data and identity systems are compatible.

Strata Identity has raised $11 million in Series A funding from venture capital firms Menlo Ventures and ForgePoint Capital. Founded by co-authors of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), the company aims to provide cross-cloud identity management and single sign-on across multiple cloud platforms. The company has also announced the appointment of Venky Ganesan to its board of directors.

Strata Identity pricing

When it comes to pricing, Strata Identity is competitive with other cloud identity management solutions. The company’s platform is a distributed identity fabric that spans the gap between datacenter identity management systems and the cloud. This enables organizations to manage their identities and access IT resources in a single system. The company’s founders have a long history of working in identity and security, including as the CEO and co-founder of Ping Identity.


Maverics, which automates and synchronizes the management of identities in different cloud environments. This allows companies to maintain their legacy identity management systems and seamlessly switch to cloud identity management without the need to rewrite their applications

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