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Founders are the heart of an innovative company. They create the value, build the platform laws4life and define the customer base. They also help shape the digital transformation delivery model.


Founded in 2012 by a former lawyer, Amplifylardinoistechcrunch provides a no-code, AI-powered One Legal Platform that allows teams to handle any legal process with ease. Its nifty tidbit is that it combines public cloud services, configurable applications and a no-risk digital transformation delivery model. The company boasts 200 employees and has offices in London, Toronto and New York. Its most recent funding round was led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2 and included Eagle Proprietary Investments. The company has also received numerous awards and accolades, including the AI Breakthrough lawyerdesk Award, a TEDx award and the best in show at the 2021 International Business Awards.

During its six years in business, ContractPodAI has completed multiple global enterprise-wide rollouts for Fortune 500 clients including Bosch Siemens, IBM and Google. It has also been named the best legal company in the world by the industry experts at Gartner.

Founded in 2012 by lawyersmagazine former lawyer turned entrepreneur Sarvarth Misra, ContractPodAI is a legal technology start up with a big azz line. It combines a no code interface with a plethora of public cloud services, ranging from cloud based document signing to guided form filling to data analytics. It has completed numerous global enterprise wide rollouts for Fortune 500 clients, while maintaining a highly efficient cost structure. It has also been named the best legal technology start up of the year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

ContractPodAI recently announced a $115 million Series C investment led by the SoftBank Vision Fund and Eagle Proprietary Investments, among others. The company also announced that Ayush Jain, a former vice president of legal operations at SoftBank, would be joining its board of directors.

Customer base

Earlier this year, ContractPodAi announced a Series C investment of $115 million. The funding was led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. It was the first investment in a legal technology company. ContractPodAi plans to use the funds to grow its platform capabilities and expand into new markets.

ContractPodAi is a leader in end-to-end contract lifecycle management. The company uses AI to provide teams with a comprehensive, intuitive legal platform. This platform also gives teams complete visibility over all legal records. It includes the ability to manage IP portfolios and GDPR compliance. It also integrates with IBM and DocuSign.

ContractPodAi was founded by Sarvarth Misra, a former lawyer and entrepreneur. His goal was to digitize legal resources, while optimizing the costs and efficiency of compliance. ContractPodAi uses the power of Watson Discovery to find key legal obligations. It also analyzes contracts to discover what is at risk. This insight can help business partners better understand the terms of a contract. ContractPodAi

Increasing its valuation 5x from its previous Series B round

Getting a higher valuation is the main goal of a Series B round. It’s also important to get enough capital to grow your business. The average Series B round raises $33 million. This money goes toward hiring new talent and boosting marketing and sales. It also helps to increase your customer base. Your business will be more successful if it has more customers and more revenue. There are several factors that go into determining the proper valuation for your Series B round.


You should know how much equity you will give up in order to get a higher valuation. This is determined by your past experience, your products, and the need for capital. Your negotiating power will also depend on your competition amongst other investors. The better your business plan, the better your chances of getting a higher valuation. If you have a proven business plan and your company is scalable, you will be able to attract later-stage investment firms.

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