The Consequences of Driving with an Expired Car Insurance Policy

Injuries and road accidents are uncalled for. But the damage they can bring along can cause a lifetime of downsides for your health. In worst-case scenarios, it can also quickly become the cause of your untimely death. Although such misfortunes are inevitable, the right steps can come to your rescue in need. Car insurance is one such savior.

Car insurance is an insurance policy in India that is legally enforced among Indian citizens. This insurance helps provide health protection against any car-related accidents and injuries. Also known as Auto insurance, this type of insurance covers any type of damage that is vehicle-related. These covers are provided to individual owners of the vehicle, which can also be useful for the third party and the passengers in that specific vehicle.

Since it is illegal not to own a car insurance policy, it becomes necessary to own one. In the case of driving a car without this insurance, one may have to undergo umpteen legal consequences. These consequences can be severe. Here’s a holistic list of them for your reference.

1. Third-party Liability

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988, which was created by the Government Of India, makes it compulsory for every vehicle owner to get insurance for their car. It is important to have a third-party insurance policy, too, so that the insurance can cover the death or the loss of the third-party’s property. This prevents the car owner from warding off paying lump sum money to the third party after the liability has been conducted. In turn, it helps prevent getting a dent in their savings. In case your insurance has expired, make sure you opt for a car policy renewal right away.

2. Damage To The Car Owner

In certain cases, when the accidents are severe, it is not just the third party that may be affected. The car owner, along with their passengers, may also have to pay for the consequences. In such extreme cases, it becomes necessary to indulge in renewing a car insurance policy to stay on the safe end.

If the car insurance has expired, the car owner may have to pay from their own pockets, which can make them incur massive financial losses. In certain cases, not being able to take the right precautions on time may also lead to the death of the passengers in case of financial losses. On the other hand, renewing car insurance can provide you with immediate coverage during such tough times.

3. Massive Legal Penalties

Did you know that those who are caught driving with an expired car insurance policy have to pay colossal amounts of money as a fine or a legal penalty? In fact, it can also get you imprisoned for a span of 3 months if the case is severe. The way out of such legal regulations can be very disturbing, daunting, and complex. It can also be a bad experience and dent your societal reputation. To avoid all this, it is best to opt for a car policy renewal while there is still time.

According to Section 81, The Motor Vehicles Act 2019, there are two types of penalties for this type of offence. In the first offence, you will have to pay Rs. 2,000 as fine. In the second offence, the same amount doubles to Rs. 4,000.

4. No Claim Bonus Loss

In the case of an expired car insurance policy, you are also more likely to lose out on your No Claim bonus. As such, you will have to pay a higher premium at the time of your car insurance renewal online. As such, your premium will continue to increase with a decrease in your financial stability and convenience. That is why it is best to opt for the renewal as soon as your car insurance has expired.

How To Avoid Fines For Driving Your Car Without A Valid Insurance Policy?

  • Indulge in renewing car insurance right on time. Today, this type of renewal is faster and easier than ever with online services. So, choose your provider wisely and get going.
  • Make sure you purchase vehicle insurance if you are using a second-hand car or a used one.
  • Keep a soft copy of this insurance certificate.
  • Make sure you have a hard copy of all the necessary car insurance-related documents.

How To Get Your Hands On The Most Useful Insurance For Your Car?

  • Consider the type of coverage you are looking for in your car insurance.
  • Make sure you choose the one that suits not only your requirement but also your budget. Do not go overboard with the covers.
  • Remember to avail discounts and make the most of any offer you find at the time of purchasing your car insurance renewal online.
  • Run a thorough comparison of diverse insurance plans.
  • Select the most useful add-ons. Remember to only choose the ones that are compatible with your requirements.
  • Evaluate the claim procedure thoroughly before you step foot into it.
  • Do not forget to inspect the renewal procedure properly. In case of any queries regarding your car insurance renewal online, speak to your insurance provider right away.

Winding Up!

Renewing car insurance does not get any easier. With online car insurance providers availing themselves to help you, there is a whirlpool of opportunities to grab. Make sure you say goodbye to your expired car insurance policy soon to avail yourself of fresh new car insurance. Remember, your safety is your foremost priority.

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