The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Travel Insurance

Traveling is fun and helps you create the best memories for life. But at times, your experience on a trip is worth forgetting because you incurred so much damage. When you want to minimize damages from an unforgettable trip, travel insurance will come to your rescue.

You can choose travel insurance to get medical benefits when on a trip. A travel insurance policy is great for protecting money spent on airfare, hotel, and other areas of a trip. Keep scrolling to learn more about travel insurance.

What Is Covered Under Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance plan is short-term and is only meant for the duration of your trip. It compensates for your trip expenses when you cancel or delay your trip due to unfavorable weather conditions and other situations coming up during the trip. A travel insurance plan will usually offer coverage for the following:

  • Emergency medical repatriation or evacuation
  • Accidents during a trip
  • Trip cancellation or interruption
  • Stolen, lost, damaged, or delayed baggage

The amount and type of coverage will depend on the insurance company you have chosen and the specific plan.

Difference Between Domestic and International Travel Insurance

Domestic and international trips are not the same. When you are traveling to another country, you can’t expect the same type of financial, medical, or other support as your home country. Find out the differences between international and domestic travel insurance.

●      Health Coverage

When you are traveling abroad, your health insurance might not be valid. Domestic travel insurance usually does not cover pre-existing conditions. But an international insurance policy will offer medical coverage for pregnancy-related emergencies, accidental death, injury, and funeral costs.

●  Travel Delays

You can buy international travel insurance for flight delays or cancellations and also emergency hotel stays. But compensation for travel delays is often not available with domestic travel insurance. Policyholders will have to provide proof of flight delays and cancellations to get reimbursement from the insurer. Moreover, it’s wiser to get such cover for international trips because they are more tv bucetas expensive.

●  Risk Coverage

The risk associated with domestic travel is usually lower than with international trips. A major difference between international and domestic travel insurance is that the first covers injury or harm resulting from terrorist acts.

●  Other Emergencies

You might lose important documents like your passport while traveling. While international travel insurance covers it, domestic travel insurance does not. International travel insurance also covers evacuation to the home country, which is not applicable for domestic travel.

Cost of Travel Insurance

When you buy travel insurance online, the cost of the premiums will depend on the following:

  • Your age
  • Duration of your trip
  • The expense of your trip
  • Amount of required coverage

Your premiums will be more expensive when you need more coverage. You can assume the premiums to be around 4-10% of your total trip expense. Moreover, the cost will also depend on the add-ons you choose, like rental car collision coverage or cancellation for any reason coverage.

Travel Insurance Exclusions

When you buy travel insurance online, you should be careful about the exclusions. A travel insurance plan does not offer coverage for the following:

  • Losing the baggage or hurting yourself under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Medical costs associated with cosmetic surgeries, ayurveda, or homeopathy
  • Pre-existing health issues
  • Injuries due to adventure sports or suicidal acts
  • Loss of passport, baggage, or belongings for leaving them unattended
  • No coverage available for war-prone areas

Ending Note

Several people wonder whether a travel insurance policy is worth it. A travel insurance policy is extremely beneficial when you want to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters and flight cancellations. Find a trustworthy insurance company and buy your travel insurance today!


1. Do you need travel insurance for traveling within India?

When you are traveling abroad, travel insurance is mandatory for visa requirements. It is not mandatory for you to buy travel insurance for domestic trips. But you can always invest in a domestic travel insurance policy to stay on the safe side.

2. Does travel insurance cover only one trip?

You can choose between multi-trip and single-trip travel insurance policies. A single-trip policy is for one specific trip. But multi-trip policies cover you for trips to specific destinations for long durations. A multi-trip policy is quite effective for entrepreneurs and other people who travel frequently.

3. Who can buy a travel insurance policy?

Anyone who is going on a trip can buy a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance is available for both domestic and international trips. While it might be mandatory for international trips, travel insurance for domestic trips is optional.

4. What is educational travel insurance?

Students going on educational trips, particularly to international locations, can benefit from educational travel insurance. But your trip should be for a specific duration to buy educational travel insurance for it. Usually, the trip needs to be at least 30 to 45 days long.

5. What are add-on covers available with travel insurance policies?

Add-on covers available with travel insurance policies can include dental care coverage, trip delay cover, loss of baggage, or documents cover. Several people also buy compassionate visit cover, personal accident cover, and daily allowances in case of hospitalization cover.

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