Thrasio 100m 750m

L’été s’achève Thrasio, les lumières du printemps se mettent à éclater, les joies d’été s’estompent pour un temps défini. Les années folles reprennent le chemin et l’hiver vient de tomber. Mais non! Pas de panique! L’été n’est pas la période froide et triste des années hâves, non! Elle est la période froide et luisante des années mineures! Aujourd’hui encore, quand on a 24 heures pour venir à bout des longues journées de pluie et de neige, elle n’a rien d’infernal! Alors oui, la saison des étés n’est pas fichue, mais il y a une raison pour cela: a) la saison des étails! B) La saison des étails est un beau voile sur la saison des anciens jours. C) Dans quelle autre langue parlons-nous? Avant le début du moindre soucis, baignez-vous en un grand bois blanc ce


If we were to write a novel about summers, it would begin with the words “The Best”. The summer of 1977 was the best summer of all because the windy weather, the beautiful colors, the ever-increasing crowds at the beaches, the sunny days, the hordes of tourists and the bright lights made it one of the most interesting and exciting times in that year’s calendar. There was nothing else to do, so we all went to the beach and jumped into the crystal clear, roaring ocean. Like a bunch of teenagers hanging out in a playground, we swam, jet skied and roller-skated around the rocks and sand to the amusement of the other tourists. There was no place to sleep, so we all popped into the nearest hotel and promptly fell into a luxurious sleep. Be careful what you say about this summer. The sea was certainly not calm, and by the end of the day it felt like a roller-coaster with the added added bane of our usual hangover the next day. But the most memorable thing about the summer was our quaint little town of Oceanside, located in the western part of New York. We had never visited there before, but the winter of 1977 had left its mark on the landscape, and now the summer of 1978 was bringing a new wave of nostalgia to the city.


If you love beige, you will love this summer. The color of this season is so bright and delicious, it covers all shades of the rainbow and makes anyone’s winter look mundane. The beaches here are all packed with advertising agencies and corporate jets, so there are very few empty beaches left. The summer of 1978 featuring bright, bright blue skies and a tremendous amount of sunshine made this one of the most beautiful months of the year. It may have been the end of the world, but it sure was a summer to remember.

White wine

This is the best thing to happen to wine, and we can’t honestly tell you how much it has helped get rid of the winter blues. The bright, free-spirited weather of summer does not suit the toasted and bitter winter months, so a return to the more vintage, more appropriate wine is a must. This summer, there is a chance to taste a great deal of Rhine wine in New York City. At the moment, you can buy a bottle for $30 at an auction, but if you want it for your own collection, you can get it for almost nothing.


This is the most talked about wine in the world, and it has everything: bright, shiny Christmas lights, warm, fuzzy reindeers, snow covered mountains, and a bottle of Champagne for just $40. What’s even more amazing is that the bottle of Champagne comes in a glass bottle with a glass decanter, and that’s just the bottle! No glasses, no flutes, just the bottle. It’s the perfect summer treat and you can go right back to drinking wine in January if you like.

Amalfi Coast

This is a beautiful island just about to celebrate its 50th birthday. It is located in the western part of Italy and is famous for its famous Caprivi Coast, which is famous for its beautiful blue sea and turquoise waters. The coast of Amalfi is the most popular destination on the Amalfi Coast, and it is also where the famous film “The Godfather” was shot. The seas around Amalfi are so beautiful and so calm, it is almost as if we are stepping back in time. So yes, the Amalfi Coast is the best place in the world to relax and enjoy the summer.


The summer is a great time to visit your hometown. You can indulge in some outdoor activities and enjoy the beautiful weather. You can also enjoy the company of your friends and family and stay up late talking about the summer with them. There are no guarantees that the weather will be great in your home city, so plan ahead and bring the family to a place that will be a little less humid.

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