Top 3 Sites for Searching Your License Plate Online

A license plate lookup gathers information on a vehicle and its owner by utilizing the license plate number. This data is available from government databases and commercial organizations specializing in car history reports. With some online VIN decoders like VinPit, you can conduct license plate lookup here to provide facts on the vehicle such as lien holders, accident reports, theft history, and so on.

These lookups can be beneficial for various purposes, including validating a car’s ownership before acquiring it, tracking down a vehicle engaged in a crime, and identifying a vehicle for repossession. However, access to license plate information varies by jurisdiction, and certain information may be unavailable to the public.

You can use a license plate lookup for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Vehicle ownership: A license plate lookup can be used to determine the current owner of a vehicle. This information can be useful for businesses that need to contact a vehicle owner for parking violations or for individuals who want to buy a used car and verify the seller’s information.
  2. Vehicle history: A license plate lookup can access information about a vehicle’s history, such as its accident history, service records, and previous owners. This information can be helpful for buyers of used cars to make informed decisions.
  3. Track criminal activities: Law enforcement agencies use license plate lookups to identify and track vehicles involved in criminal activities.
  4. Collection of unpaid tolls or parking fines: A license plate lookup can be used by government agencies to find the owner of a vehicle with unpaid tolls or parking fines.

Please note that the availability and level of access to license plate information may vary depending on the jurisdiction. Not all the information is publicly available; some can only be accessed by authorized personnel or agencies.


VinPit was brought to the market as a distinctive, comprehensive, and cutting-edge VIN searches online tool to do VIN checks online and quickly validate secondhand cars.

Its premier web-based platform provides license plate search, car history records, VIN checks, and VIN decoding. VinPit is a car history report service that collects information about a vehicle’s history using the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). A VIN is a 17-digit identifier unique to each car and comprises information such as the vehicle’s make, model, year, and manufacturer.

VinPit helps people get access to vehicle information, including title information, accident history, odometer readings, service records, and previous ownership history. It also provides lien holder information, salvage and theft reports, and other vital vehicle information. These reports can benefit people and organizations trying to buy, sell, or determine a car’s worth. You can perform your license plate lookup with VinPit free of charge or you can choose to know more by clicking here.


  • Their database is up-to-date and accurate, with vast information records that connect to different public documents.
  • VinPit displays photographs of automobiles from various settings in the past to help you understand their current state.
  • Its free service is extensive and simple to use.
  • It is capable of detecting hidden concerns with the vehicle, such as damage and fraud.


  • Relatively a new site for VIN check service.


VIN checks from VINNumberLookup offer details like the car’s manufacture year, sales history, or salvage history. You can perform a license plate number lookup for free with VINNumberLookup. To make things even better, there is no need to sign up, and no hidden costs will be charged. Additionally, they assert a sizable database of data gathered from online crawls of all public and a select few private records for current automobile information.

By checking the car’s license plate online on this platform, you can uncover data, such as its mileage, if it has been reported stolen, whether the owner has been properly transferred, and other details. This information lets you determine if you are paying too much for the automobile.


  • They provide anonymous and confidential lookups.
  • The license plate lookup services are free.


  • Though most of the information you obtain from your license plate lookup results will be accurate, it is not guaranteed.


VINCheckFree is a website that provides free license plate lookup services. Users can access information about a specific vehicle with a license plate number. This information can be useful for individuals looking to buy or sell a used car and for vehicle owners who want to know more about their car’s history.

You can examine your car’s license plate number and get reliable information about it with the aid of VINCheckFree. With the help of their services, you can quickly learn about mileage accuracy, ownership history, damage reports, and more!

How it works

  • Start the search by entering the car’s license plate number in the box provided.
  • They will search the extensive database to obtain every information about the automobile.
  • Look over the report to learn all you need to know about the vehicle.


  • It is free to use.
  • The website has a good user experience


  • It is not 100% accurate.


With any of the license plate lookup services listed above, customers can learn more about a car before purchasing. While some license plate check services are cost-free, some could be charged. It’s vital to remember that not all free services offer as much in-depth information as premium services. However, we recommend VinPit as the most reliable site for your license plate online lookup.

Prospective automobile purchasers will receive comprehensive information about the selected vehicle through a license plate. The likelihood of purchasing a defective, damaged, or stolen vehicle is significantly reduced with the lookup. Before you purchase a used automobile, do your free license plate lookup from one of the reputable websites recommended above, and enjoy a wonderful driving experience!

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