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Top Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer to Represent You

If you are an immigrant, you have likely encountered some form of immigration law. These legal issues can be very complicated and confusing, whether a green card application or an asylum petition. 

Immigration laws change often, so it’s essential to hire an experienced immigration lawyer to stay up-to-date on current laws and regulations to represent their client’s best interests during the process. Here are some benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer.

Experienced in Immigration Law

Immigration law is a specialized area of law, and if you’ve never had to deal with it before, it can seem complicated and confusing. That’s why hiring an experienced lawyer like Ben Baumgartner, who specializes in immigration law, is so important. Mr. Baumgartner will be able to help you navigate the complicated legal system and get the results you want.

It’s easy for mistakes to happen when dealing with complex legal issues like these. An experienced lawyer can spot any mistakes before they become problematic for your case and save you from expensive delays or even worse outcomes later.

Knows How to Minimize Your Chance of Being Deported

According to TRAC, immigration judges have issued removal and voluntary departure orders in 39% of the completed cases in 2022, which totaled 50,261 deportation orders

The fact is that an immigration lawyer knows the rules and regulations of your case better than you do. They know which forms to fill out, when to start proceedings, how to present your case in court, and what evidence is needed. 

Like any other professional, an immigration lawyer has studied in school for years before passing exams during law school and passing another series of exams called the Bar exam after graduation from law school. 

They are licensed by state and federal courts which means they have passed rigorous interviews, background checks, and ethics tests explicitly related to being able to practice law professionally under specific guidelines set forth by each state’s bar association.

Can Help Improve Your English Speaking Skills

According to US Census, around 68 million individuals spoke a language other than English in the US. In addition to helping you improve your English speaking skills, an immigration lawyer can also help you learn how to communicate with people. For example, if you have difficulty understanding the US legal system and how it works, an attorney can be of great assistance.

They will be able to teach you about all aspects of US-based law, including what is expected of immigrants who want permanent residency and citizenship applications. An experienced lawyer can also help their clients understand the culture of America as well as its language.

You won’t have to worry about whether or not your application was correctly filed. An attorney will ensure that everything has been done correctly before submitting it on your behalf so everything runs smoothly due to errors made by non-experts such as yourself.

Helps You Avoid Mistakes

Generally, it’s best to avoid making your immigration applications. It is especially true if you have any criminal convictions on your record or are unfamiliar with the laws and regulations regarding immigration. According to IBISWorld, there are 14,601 immigration lawyers in the US in 2023.

Immigration lawyers are trained professionals who know how to navigate the legal system and help people avoid mistakes that could jeopardize their cases or lead to deportation. They also have access to specialized resources unavailable elsewhere. They can often find solutions when other practitioners cannot, or at least point clients in the right direction if they don’t know what else to do next.

Finds Solutions to Your Problems Quickly

When you hire an immigration lawyer to represent you, they’ll work to find a solution to your problem quickly. For example, suppose you are illegally in the country and need to obtain a green card immediately. In that case, an attorney can file the proper paperwork with USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), so they can grant one quickly.

Suppose you have been arrested by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and are facing deportation proceedings. In that case, an attorney can help with filing for bond or even fighting against removal from the United States altogether. They also know how not to give up hope because of all cases where someone was detained for months without any sign of being released.

Speaks Up If You Are Treated Unfairly

If you feel that your rights have been violated, an attorney can help. Immigration lawyers are familiar with the laws and will know how to fight for your rights. If you feel like a situation is unfair, speak up. You may feel intimidated by the government or your employer, but if someone has done something wrong against you, it’s essential to report it so that it doesn’t happen again.

Immigration attorneys can also file complaints with the Department of Justice if they feel like there is discrimination based on race or ethnicity during the hiring process, for example. If an employer treats one person differently than another because of their race or national origin- this would be considered illegal discrimination by law.


Immigration law is a complex area of law. There are many different ways in which someone can become eligible for immigration status, and each of these ways has its own set of rules, regulations, and requirements. 

In addition to this complexity, the laws are constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, you must have an experienced lawyer who knows how things work to give you the best possible chance at success.

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